Announcement!! Bitter Frost Series which

Announcement!! Bitter Frost Series which includes Fairy Rose Chronicles Series, The Wolf Fey, Beyond Crystal River has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. The game is out! AND The Film’s option has been renewed! Starting production in 2018!!!!

To Celebrate, for the first time, box sets of the Bitter Frost Series will be released! The Fair Rose Chronicles also has not just 1 but 2 Coloring Books for teens and up coming out in May!


Excerpt from BLUE ROOM CONFIDENTIALS Vol. 2 (releases Monday 2/29) by Kailin Gow. Vol. 1 is available now for only $0.99 this Friday until next week.

“So, this is what my meaningful work has come to. A woman dead because I tried to interfere. Because I tried to change her life.
And suddenly, it hits me.
I can’t unbreak the world. Anymore than I can unbreak myself. No matter what I do at Shelter House, no matter where I go, no matter how hard I try, the world will keep on being as cruel and as unforgiving as is feels today. Innocent people – innocent women will die – and no amount of my well-intentioned kickboxing lessons will change that. All I’ve done is make everything else worse.
No, I think, fury rising within me. The only way that men will change – men like Gordon, men like my mysterious husband (for by now I’m sure that it must have been my husband who tried to kill me), men like the domestic abusers I see every day – is if I make them. It’s not enough to teach women to defend themselves. I have to go on the offense. I have to hit them where it hurts.” – Jaymie from Blue Room Confidentials Vol. 2