So happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Mar

So happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Fellow humanitarian Meghan Markle was already a great role model for girls, especially for girls of many races. As a Princess, she will be a greater role model for girls all over the world. Prince Harry made Di proud. #RoyalWedding


Wow! The Sparklesoup Channel on YouTube

Wow! The Sparklesoup Channel on YouTube where many of my trailers, some free episodes from my tv series has hit over 1 million views! #Blessed #GoGirl #KailinGowCrazyOnes

Sparklesoup School and Teacher Advisory

Sparklesoup School and Teacher Advisory Board is Back! In 2003 through 2007, we had a Teacher and Parent Advisory Board for Sparklesoup, which faded when Sparklesoup became incorporated. It’s Back! Now w/Incentives for Teachers, too! DM me for details if you are interested!

#HealthyMindset My 12 year old daughter:

#HealthyMindset My 12 year old daughter: “Mom, what are raspberries good for?” Me: “They are good to build your body’s immune system, fight against diseases, good for your skin and blood system…” Daughter: “That’s good enough. I want to start eating them regularly.” So blessed to have a self-motivated child who chooses to eat healthier foods because they are good for her. Make nutrition & choosing the right foods a common discussion in your family, and it will someday sink in to your child’s mindset. #HappyFamilyFriday

#RaisingGirls I’ve been blessed to been

#RaisingGirls I’ve been blessed to been raised to believe I’m just as smart & capable as my brother & male cousins. My father was even instrumental in helping put the 1st woman President into power for a country. Now my 12 yr old daughter is raised w/no gender limits. #GoGirl

When I was going out to dinner w/ family

When I was going out to dinner w/ family yesterday, I noticed a smell of smoke. We stuck around & found a trash can in an empty part of the parking lot on fire. We notified the restaurant who immediately put out the fire. Seems small, but so did LA Fires #BeAgoodCitizen #DoIT