Jack Frost and Prince Caspian – Character Study for Prince Kian

I’ve been on several blog tours lately, especially for – Bitter Frost, the first of the Frost Series, and the question all authors get is:  what are your inspirations?  The Frost Series is a five-book series about human love being stronger than fairy magic, a story about a half-human, half-fairy girl who is intended to marry her enemy, the Winter Prince.  It’s a series about growing up, about relationships, falling in love for the first time, and rising up to the challenges of life and destiny.

It’s funny how inspirations come to people.  My muse came in the form of an actor and a children’s fairy tale and lore.   I know you may have a different actor in mind when it comes to Prince Kian, but when I first saw Ben Barnes in Chronicles of Narnia as Prince Caspian (the Chronicles of Narnia Disney film made in 2008), I wanted to write a series about fairies, strong fairies who flitted back and forth through our world (or as I call it The Land Beyond the Crystal River) and their magical world (Fairyland or Feyland).  And as those of you who follow me on Goodreads know, I’m a huge fan of C.S. Lewis, especially of his The Chronicles of Narnia series.

My Muse for Prince Kian - "Kian was pale, pale like snow. His eyes were icy blue, with just a hint of silver flecked around the irises; his hair was so black that ink itself would drown in it." - Bitter Frost

But because he’s a fairy prince, he has a stronger presence, muscular frame with broad shoulders and deadly arms that can wield a 50 pound sword, easily slicing through his opponents.

Another inspiration for The Frost Series is the legend of Jack Frost, the Winter Prince, himself.  From the Rankin-Bass animated version of Jack Frost, I loved the story of the immortal Winter Prince, Jack Frost, falling in love with a mortal woman, and wanting to become mortal to be with her.  Watching this animated version of Jack Frost in the late 1970s up to now when I show this video to my little 4-year-old, it was the first time I’ve come across an immortal being (one familiar to both children and adults around the world) who wanted to give up his immortality to be with a mortal woman.  It was the first time Jack had to fight his own elven/fairy magic to follow his heart’s desire.

Jack Frost - The Story of The Winter Prince falling in love with a Human Girl

Wonder Why Kian is the way he is…so arrogant, cool, and incredibly beautiful? – Look at his mother – The Snow Queen (or The Winter Queen in The Frost Series)

From Fairy Lore and Legend of Denmark:

The Snow Queen (aka The Winter Queen, aka Prince Kian’s mother) – according to fairy lore from Denmark, the Snow Queen is as dazzling and beautiful as snowflakes and ice crystals.  She lives in the Arctic and has the power to entice mortal men to follow her, but to be loved by her, to be kissed by her, would mean instant death.   Prince Kian, her son, has this same loveliness and attractiveness.  The kiss he shares with Breena can be fatal to her, as he is the Winter Queen’s son.


Will Breena survive Prince Kian’s kiss?

For more discussion questions on Bitter Frost, you can visit my publisher’s site and download the questions at:  theEDGEbooks.com or visit the Discussion Questions page here (it’s coming up, I swear.)

Until next time…happy dreams!

And for those of you who know me as the author of the Fairy Rose Chronicles (from 2003), written under another name, Feyland first originated in this tween book series that was briefly published.  Some of the characters from the Fairy Rose Chronicles make an appearance in the FROST Series. But this was before Prince Kian, Logan, and Breena’s story evolved. As there are many fairy references to Winter and Summer (as in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night), the Fairy Rose Chronicles also runs with the idea of Winter vs. Summer fey.


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