Are You a Jane Austen Fan, but You Love Vampires, too? Me, too!

Okay, this is getting really awesomely generous, and I don’t know a better promotion than this one.  To encourage you to start a book club like the Stoker Sisters book club, my publisher is offering a cool incentive.

If you purchase a copy of the Stoker Sisters (kindle or paperback) from, you get the following for Free:

  1. A Full Book Copy of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility
  2. A Full Book Copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

These are the versions schools use with links to cool facts on Jane Austen, the setting, Bram Stoker, etc.

To receive a copy of each book, email my publisher, at theedgebooks (at) yahoo (dot) com with a proof of purchase (copy of receipt) and they will email you the two books.

What an incentive to get you started on your own book club. Halloween Promotion with Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Because it’s Halloween, and because we all like a good Vampire story…my publisher is offering a special promotion for my newest vampire series The Stoker Sisters.   When you purchase a copy of The Stoker Sisters on, you get a free copy of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

To receive a free copy of Dracula, just email your receipt or receipt number to:


And you will receive an email with the free download link.

The version of Dracula that you get is filled with resources and links to interesting vampire and Dracula facts, and is the study version.

So, if you like to try a new vampire series for teens and young adult, the Stoker Sisters (read the description of the series here) has been called, the “Girl Version of Vampire Diaries” and the “Ultimate Vampire Story”, then here’s a pretty great promotion for you vampire fans.  No need to read Dracula before you read the Stoker Sisters.  It’s explained all in there, and the whole Dracula lore is changed anyways… it’s a new version for a new generation.

The discussion questions for The Stoker Sisters is here on my site, so it’s easy Book Club fare. If you do decide to have food with your book club, you may want to consider “Lasagna” or “Licorice”.

Happy Vampire Halloween!

Raising a Reader

For Halloween, my little preschooler dressed up as Cinderella last year and ended up at her favorite place toward the end of the night…the bookstore.

She loves to read, as I did growing up and as I still do.  Now I write books.  Of course the first step in becoming a writer is to be an avid reader.  To encourage a lifelong passion for reading and books, it’s important to model being a reader for your child.  Children pick up a lot of habits from parents, and reading is one of them…so, if you want to raise a reader, you have to be a reader, too.  Happy Halloween!

“Make Bullying Fiction” Speaking and Book Signing Tour

Hi Everyone!

I was invited to speak and hold book signings at some schools in California by schools and even by the PTA.  The dates haven’t been set yet, but before they do, I’m throwing out to the public – to you – to let me know where you’d like me to speak or book sign about this topic.

Because I’m Doing This to Help Teens and Young Adults, basically anyone who wants to help bring awareness to bullying and what can be done about it, I’m going to visit and speak at schools (if within a feasible distance) and if not, through chat, for FREE for the rest of 2010 and for the year 2011.  I’m waiving speakers fees.

So…if you’re at a school, and you’d like for me to speak and book sign at the school, let me know which school you are at, and if driving distance, we’ll schedule it.  If not, then we’ll schedule a chat.

Here are the books I’ll be referring to, which address or touch on the topic of Bullying:

Bully Handbook

Releasing this Week as Kindle and Paperback

Bitter Frost – Already Available as Kindle and Paperback

The Stoker Sisters – Already Released in Kindle and Paperback

(Older Teens, YA)

Wicked Woods – Releasing in Kindle and Paperback in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

The Alchemists Academy – Releasing in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

Harold the Kung Fu Kid – Releasing in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

Tales of a Teenage Tart – Releasing in December

(MG, Teens, YA)

(Being Made into a Film)

Shy Girls Social Club (Book 1 of Fiction Series) – Releasing in December

(MG, Teens, YA)

WritingCise – Releasing in February 2011

(All Ages)

All the fiction book series above already have or will have discussion questions/sheets that will touch on the subject of bullying.  I will use these books to illustrate points made about bullying and self-esteem.

Silver Frost Cover Revealed

I’m excited to present the first look of the cover for The Frost Series’ Book 3

Silver Frost.

It matches the quest and gift in this third book.

As you recall, there is a hand holding flowers in Forever Frost, Breena’s hands.  Now guess whose hands are those holding the crystal snowflake?

Stoker Sisters Book 1: Daughters of Dracula is Now Available! Read the Forward Here.

After months and months of writing, revising, producing a short, and everything else that goes into a book, the Stoker Sisters Series’ first book, Daughters of Dracula is finally out for the public to read!

This book originated about 20 years ago, as most of my book series stem from something personal, when I visited Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania as a teen journalist.  It was an amazing experience which have given me an insight into a man, whom everyone in the world, except those who were close to him, thought of as a monster.  Although The Stoker Sisters is about two vampire sisters who find themselves as vampires in a modern world with choices (for women, especially, and even for vampires) after being raised prim and proper in Jane Austen’s time, this series is not about Dracula, but on these two descendants of Dracula.

To give you a sense of what Stoker Sisters is, I’ve included the forward I have written in the book here so you get a sense what happened when I visited Romania and was told the truth about Vlad Dracula from his people…




Almost 20 years ago, I visited Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. I was nineteen and a young journalist. I was familiar with the story of Dracula, made famous by Bram Stoker, but I was also curious about the Dracula who ruled this land. The people of Transylvania took me in for a short stay and showed me a side of Dracula, quite unlike the one portrayed by Stoker. He was a Dracula who loved deeply, especially of humanity. He loved his wife and family deeply, but most importantly, he loved his country above all else.

They specifically mentioned he was not a “Strigoi”, which in Romanian folklore was an evil undead. The people saw him not as a monster, but as a ruler, a brilliant military strategist, and a man with great passion.  They told me he was not the monster Bram Stoker depicted in the novel Dracula, but a great man, whose military feats were legendary.

The Stoker Sisters, in the vein of Bram Stoker’s Victorian world, is a fictionalized series incorporating the world of Jane Austen, the true view of Dracula by the Romanians, and popular contemporary vampire mythology.

The world of The Stoker Sisters is not black and white, but one where vampires, like humans, are faced with choices and allegiances. They have a choice to be good or bad, saintly or evil. Last of all, vampires may be monsters, but they may also be the most humane of all creatures.


Kailin Gow


The Stoker Sisters: Daughters of Dracula is now available on,, and where books are sold.

Bully on Bullies – For a Limited Time, My Not-Yet-Release Non-fiction on Bullies will be Available FREE

Hi Everyone,

I’m furious.  Yes, furious about all the news I hear about teens committing suicide because of bullies. This doesn’t have to be!  No one should hold that power over someone.  Words, no matter how harmless you may think they are, pack a punch.   Be it spoken, written, and especially now easily transmitted digitally over the internet or video, words can hurt.

For years since my first books were published in 2001, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to schools and getting involved in parenting and teacher associations as a guest speaker and then as an involved parent.  And, believe it or not…there are many parents and school officials ready to get involved in helping curb bullying.  There just isn’t a widespread support of this publicly and resource-wise. But slowly this is changing.  Laws are being put into place, and communities are being made aware of the signs of bullying and the retribution that goes with it.

Bullying is particularly more prevalent among teen girls, believe it or not.  Especially where one girl or a group of girls bully one girl.  Many times, it is because they (the bullies) believe the girl is “different” or is “weak” and “easy” to pick on.  Some of that is spurred by jealousy.  Some of that is spurred by rivalry.

Unfortunately, I see this too often.  Even in the adult world, this happens.  Even to authors.  Yes, authors.  I just attended a conference for authors where bestselling authors were present, and we compared notes.  Everyone has had “haters” whom authors and publishers called “trolls” bash our books by taking personal attacks on authors through book reviews.  Like bullying, because it’s easy to over the internet, personal attacks by “trolls” and “haters” only comes back to bite the one attacking.   In the end, the bully and the attacker only make themselves look bad.

Sadly, with young teenagers facing emotional and hormonal issues, as well as social acceptance from peers, bullying is magnified many folds.  And with the ones who have suffered additional blows (for instance, a recent death in the family, breakup, a move, you get it – major stressers), bullying makes everything worse.

So…I’ve been talking to my publisher and we’ve decided to make my new non-fiction book on bullying and how to handle it available for FREE as a download.  Of course, my publishers need to recoup some cost so if you want a paperback copy of it, you can purchase it when it gets released on paperback later on this month on and Barnes and Noble, and wherever its sold.

It will be available beginning this weekend at the Twitter Party under Giveaways.  Let everyone know.  If you want people to become more aware of bullies (how they think and why they bully) as well as how to diffuse this and what to do as a friend, parent, teacher, and/or community, I talk about it in this book.

Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies.

Make a stance against bullying and recognize when bullying is taking place and the simple things you can do to diffuse the situation.

Hopefully I’ll See You This Weekend!

With lots of love,


Phantom Diaries Book 2 – Dark Memories Now Out!

The past has become present, and all the players are in place.

Dark Memories has been released midnight today in Kindle, soon-to-follow in paperback in,, and other stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

I am quite satisfied with the ending to this book as it does answer a lot of questions from the first book (but this is a series so I can’t answer all the questions yet), and there is a prequel called Dark Beginnings that I’m working on right now that will shed some light on The Phantom. Dark Beginnings is about The Phantom’s mother as a young woman. Hopefully, that will be available in December or January.

We’ll see…in the meantime, there will be more discussion questions sheets for download on this blog and on my publisher’s blog, coming this week. Stay tuned!