Bully on Bullies – For a Limited Time, My Not-Yet-Release Non-fiction on Bullies will be Available FREE

Hi Everyone,

I’m furious.  Yes, furious about all the news I hear about teens committing suicide because of bullies. This doesn’t have to be!  No one should hold that power over someone.  Words, no matter how harmless you may think they are, pack a punch.   Be it spoken, written, and especially now easily transmitted digitally over the internet or video, words can hurt.

For years since my first books were published in 2001, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to schools and getting involved in parenting and teacher associations as a guest speaker and then as an involved parent.  And, believe it or not…there are many parents and school officials ready to get involved in helping curb bullying.  There just isn’t a widespread support of this publicly and resource-wise. But slowly this is changing.  Laws are being put into place, and communities are being made aware of the signs of bullying and the retribution that goes with it.

Bullying is particularly more prevalent among teen girls, believe it or not.  Especially where one girl or a group of girls bully one girl.  Many times, it is because they (the bullies) believe the girl is “different” or is “weak” and “easy” to pick on.  Some of that is spurred by jealousy.  Some of that is spurred by rivalry.

Unfortunately, I see this too often.  Even in the adult world, this happens.  Even to authors.  Yes, authors.  I just attended a conference for authors where bestselling authors were present, and we compared notes.  Everyone has had “haters” whom authors and publishers called “trolls” bash our books by taking personal attacks on authors through book reviews.  Like bullying, because it’s easy to over the internet, personal attacks by “trolls” and “haters” only comes back to bite the one attacking.   In the end, the bully and the attacker only make themselves look bad.

Sadly, with young teenagers facing emotional and hormonal issues, as well as social acceptance from peers, bullying is magnified many folds.  And with the ones who have suffered additional blows (for instance, a recent death in the family, breakup, a move, you get it – major stressers), bullying makes everything worse.

So…I’ve been talking to my publisher and we’ve decided to make my new non-fiction book on bullying and how to handle it available for FREE as a download.  Of course, my publishers need to recoup some cost so if you want a paperback copy of it, you can purchase it when it gets released on paperback later on this month on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, and wherever its sold.

It will be available beginning this weekend at the Twitter Party under Giveaways.  Let everyone know.  If you want people to become more aware of bullies (how they think and why they bully) as well as how to diffuse this and what to do as a friend, parent, teacher, and/or community, I talk about it in this book.

Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies.

Make a stance against bullying and recognize when bullying is taking place and the simple things you can do to diffuse the situation.

Hopefully I’ll See You This Weekend!

With lots of love,



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