Stoker Sisters Book 1: Daughters of Dracula is Now Available! Read the Forward Here.

After months and months of writing, revising, producing a short, and everything else that goes into a book, the Stoker Sisters Series’ first book, Daughters of Dracula is finally out for the public to read!

This book originated about 20 years ago, as most of my book series stem from something personal, when I visited Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania as a teen journalist.  It was an amazing experience which have given me an insight into a man, whom everyone in the world, except those who were close to him, thought of as a monster.  Although The Stoker Sisters is about two vampire sisters who find themselves as vampires in a modern world with choices (for women, especially, and even for vampires) after being raised prim and proper in Jane Austen’s time, this series is not about Dracula, but on these two descendants of Dracula.

To give you a sense of what Stoker Sisters is, I’ve included the forward I have written in the book here so you get a sense what happened when I visited Romania and was told the truth about Vlad Dracula from his people…




Almost 20 years ago, I visited Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. I was nineteen and a young journalist. I was familiar with the story of Dracula, made famous by Bram Stoker, but I was also curious about the Dracula who ruled this land. The people of Transylvania took me in for a short stay and showed me a side of Dracula, quite unlike the one portrayed by Stoker. He was a Dracula who loved deeply, especially of humanity. He loved his wife and family deeply, but most importantly, he loved his country above all else.

They specifically mentioned he was not a “Strigoi”, which in Romanian folklore was an evil undead. The people saw him not as a monster, but as a ruler, a brilliant military strategist, and a man with great passion.  They told me he was not the monster Bram Stoker depicted in the novel Dracula, but a great man, whose military feats were legendary.

The Stoker Sisters, in the vein of Bram Stoker’s Victorian world, is a fictionalized series incorporating the world of Jane Austen, the true view of Dracula by the Romanians, and popular contemporary vampire mythology.

The world of The Stoker Sisters is not black and white, but one where vampires, like humans, are faced with choices and allegiances. They have a choice to be good or bad, saintly or evil. Last of all, vampires may be monsters, but they may also be the most humane of all creatures.


Kailin Gow


The Stoker Sisters: Daughters of Dracula is now available on,, and where books are sold.


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