“Make Bullying Fiction” Speaking and Book Signing Tour

Hi Everyone!

I was invited to speak and hold book signings at some schools in California by schools and even by the PTA.  The dates haven’t been set yet, but before they do, I’m throwing out to the public – to you – to let me know where you’d like me to speak or book sign about this topic.

Because I’m Doing This to Help Teens and Young Adults, basically anyone who wants to help bring awareness to bullying and what can be done about it, I’m going to visit and speak at schools (if within a feasible distance) and if not, through chat, for FREE for the rest of 2010 and for the year 2011.  I’m waiving speakers fees.

So…if you’re at a school, and you’d like for me to speak and book sign at the school, let me know which school you are at, and if driving distance, we’ll schedule it.  If not, then we’ll schedule a chat.

Here are the books I’ll be referring to, which address or touch on the topic of Bullying:

Bully Handbook

Releasing this Week as Kindle and Paperback

Bitter Frost – Already Available as Kindle and Paperback

The Stoker Sisters – Already Released in Kindle and Paperback

(Older Teens, YA)

Wicked Woods – Releasing in Kindle and Paperback in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

The Alchemists Academy – Releasing in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

Harold the Kung Fu Kid – Releasing in November

(MG, Teens, YA)

Tales of a Teenage Tart – Releasing in December

(MG, Teens, YA)

(Being Made into a Film)

Shy Girls Social Club (Book 1 of Fiction Series) – Releasing in December

(MG, Teens, YA)

WritingCise – Releasing in February 2011

(All Ages)

All the fiction book series above already have or will have discussion questions/sheets that will touch on the subject of bullying.  I will use these books to illustrate points made about bullying and self-esteem.


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