Halloween Promotion with Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Because it’s Halloween, and because we all like a good Vampire story…my publisher is offering a special promotion for my newest vampire series The Stoker Sisters.   When you purchase a copy of The Stoker Sisters on, you get a free copy of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

To receive a free copy of Dracula, just email your receipt or receipt number to:


And you will receive an email with the free download link.

The version of Dracula that you get is filled with resources and links to interesting vampire and Dracula facts, and is the study version.

So, if you like to try a new vampire series for teens and young adult, the Stoker Sisters (read the description of the series here) has been called, the “Girl Version of Vampire Diaries” and the “Ultimate Vampire Story”, then here’s a pretty great promotion for you vampire fans.  No need to read Dracula before you read the Stoker Sisters.  It’s explained all in there, and the whole Dracula lore is changed anyways… it’s a new version for a new generation.

The discussion questions for The Stoker Sisters is here on my site, so it’s easy Book Club fare. If you do decide to have food with your book club, you may want to consider “Lasagna” or “Licorice”.

Happy Vampire Halloween!


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