Blood Burned: PULSE Book 3 – Early Release and Party!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had an awesome Halloween!  While you’ve been trick or treating, I’ve been busy working with my publisher to push along the release date of book 3 for PULSE.  Well…it’s now possible, with everything in place.

For you loyal fans out there, here’s a treat, without a trick (heard that one on my trick or treating two nights ago), PULSE book 3, Blood Burned will be available early!

This coming Monday, November 8, on Kindle on Mark your calendars…I personally think Book 3 is better than the 1st two, as it has so much action and romance, and all the characters get equal spotlight.

Here’s another treat – will keep the PULSE series and the Frost Series all below $5 on Kindle for the rest of 2010 and throughout 2011.   It was a promotional price, but now it’s permanent.

Is that something to be thankful about?  Thank you,!!!  As an author and a reader, I’m very grateful for that!

Join me for the kindle release party on the Facebook page for PULSE on Monday, November 8, for the chance to win 1 SIGNED copy of PULSE 1. See you there!



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