Taking Time to Breathe…When Life Gets Too Hectic

Hi Everyone,

This is probably one of my more personal posts, but I think it’s time for me to be more personal and heartfelt about this.  I’ve recently come across the sad news of some bloggers, whom I’ve become close to, having to either discontinue their blogs or a part of their blogs due to too much happening in life.  I hold a lot of admiration for these bloggers because they have taken the time to keep their blogs going and to provide their readership with constant news.

But it’s understandable when life gets too busy to blog. It’s understandable when things take precedence over others.

Personally, I’ve had my delays in life, delays in opportunities. For instance, when I found out my mother had cancer…3 types of cancer, life became very stressful, and I delayed my young adult fictions that you see published today, especially Bitter Frost and Forever Frost from the Frost Series.  On top of that, not long after I had my baby girl, she was diagnosed with severe speech delay…which when she turned two, became a diagnosis of ASD.

I could not write, not under these life circumstances…yet I did because it was a way to cope by giving…it was a way for me to help people see others (who had differences, who had extraordinary circumstances in their lives) find hope and strength to rise above these circumstances.  That’s why I write about strong characters, mainly the strength from within, as well as from physical strength.

The delay in writing these YA fiction books took years, almost 4 years. While they have been planned and outlined years ago, they were published recently.

The timing couldn’t have been more right, despite the delay to publication. Four years ago, the YA paranormal craze would have been at its infancy.  I wrote my first paranormal series nearly 10 years ago, mainly about angels, and although this was a bestselling series, paranormal series were still new.

Now YA has gained so much more legitimacy and audience that bookstores have set aside special YA-only sections.

Personally, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. My mother recently was told she was cancer-free. And my daughter who was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, is now one of the most talkative child in her class, with an advance vocabulary and the ability to read at the second grade level. She’s four and a half. Her circumstance is miraculous, and again, this is another story.

So…to all my friends and bloggers whom I know are taking time off from your blogging because of life, please know that everything has its own timing. Yet in the end…everything will work out better because of it 🙂


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