Be THANKFUL you were NOT in the WICKED WOODS when the Mayflower Landed…Contest!! Books 1 and 2 Releases Nov. 25, 2010

The Wicked Woods…

What Happened to the Other Survivors from the Mayflower…Be Thankful You Were Not in the Wicked Woods…

Many of the residents of Wicked, Massachusetts came over on the Mayflower. When the harsh winters and living conditions killed many of the new settlers, the survivors were saved by the assistance of the American Indians found in the woods.  Few were not, but were saved by the other residence in the woods.

On November 25, Wicked Woods Book 1 and Shimmer (Wicked Woods Book 2)  will be available first on through Kindle.  Then will be available shortly through print.

Enter the Contest to Win 1 SIGNED ARC (ADVANCED REVIEW COPY) of Wicked Woods

1 Signed ARC Copy of Shimmer (Wicked Woods 2)

And the beautiful Wicked Woods Medallion


3 Sets of Wicked Woods Book 1 and Shimmer (Wicked Woods Book 2) and the Wicked Woods Medallion Available for this Contest.

To Enter:

1) Sign up for the blog at: and comment on this post and answer the question:  Vampire or Werewolf?

2) Like the new Wicked Woods Facebook Page at:

That’s it!

3 Winners will be Announced on Wicked Woods November 26 (Post Thanksgiving Day!!) Here at: and the Wicked Woods Facebook page.

This contest is INTERNATIONAL so be sure to enter and tell your international friends to enter!

23 thoughts on “Be THANKFUL you were NOT in the WICKED WOODS when the Mayflower Landed…Contest!! Books 1 and 2 Releases Nov. 25, 2010

  1. Vampire !!! I find them somewhat magnetic.. There sexy yet scary existance in books keep me drawn in to read. !!! They have unleashed a fascination, and well I must say Almost every vampire book I have read I have loved..
    I follow you on face book, and am following the new wicked woods page 😉
    I am international.. Im not sure that any of your comps are.. But I am more than happy to pay post, Amazon has on mulitlple occassions stuffed up my order so now I wait ! again to read Pulse !! But Kailin this sounds like a great read… and hopin next year with all that has happned this year you have some time to smell the roses !!!

    Kat 😉

  2. What an awesome giveaway to have. I so want to be entered.

    1) I am a HARDCORE Vampire fan but not in a scary way….lol. I have loved Vampires ever since I could remember.

    I signed up for this blog (skyla11377).

    2) I liked Wicked Woods on Facebook (Raquel Vega-Grieder).

  3. Vampire or Werewolf? I choose Werewolf. Vampire’s are main stream now in the books & movies that are out or coming out. I feel over saturated with vampires now. So I look for other supernaturals now and werewolf’s being one of my personal favorites to read about. And on a funny note I would love to be a werewolf just so I can tell people “You really don’t want to be around me during that time of the month.” 😛 lol So that’s why I pick Werewolf’s over Vampire’s.

    I signed up for wordpress just to subscribe for this blog 🙂
    I signed up for Email Subscription as well 🙂
    I liked the “Wicked Woods” facebook page
    And I’m crossing all 10 fingers and toes 🙂

  4. I’d rather be vampire than a werewolf anyday!

    Signed up already as noobventures (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Liked as Weng Vargas at Facebook!


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