Happy Thanksgiving – Thanks List, Contests, and Upcoming Promotion

Just wanted to say Thank You and to go through some of my Thank You Lists:


I wanted to wish everyone who has stuck with me and supported me for my first year in YA Fantasy Paranormal.  I am truly thankful to all my readers who have made this year FAN-tastic!!

I love getting to know some of you, and hopefully can get to know all of you.  You are the best readers/fans an author can have! And I enjoy “Keeping it Real” with you – it’s really me, conversing with you on Facebook, on Twitter, and on my Blog. Not a hired publicist or assistant.  As it is with my heavy schedule (I have between 1 to 2 books being published at any given time a month or so. To give you an idea of how heavy this schedule is, it is typical for most career author to publish one per year), it may not always be possible for me to get to you early, but I’ll try!


Thank you bloggers – I try to read every review you post and comment as well!  Thank you for being so supportive to this UNDERDOG AUTHOR.   Although I’ve been published for nearly 10 years, I’m still new in YA Paranormal, as it is known today. The kinds of YA Paranormal books I’m used to, and many readers are used to, until the last 2 years, have been series books under the length of 250 pages – Gossip Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It has only been recent that YA books have gotten past 250 pages and are as thick as telephone directories, right when we have shifted to a more Earth-friendly environment. Ironic, isn’t it?

Actor Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries and an environmental advocate would be proud that I’m trying to keep my YA novels from adding to the environmental paper dumping situation.  My novels are now available through all kinds of electronic readers, especially Kindle, and they are deliberately planned to be serialized and of the book length typical of the Gossip Girls-type of books, which means less paper, and easy-to-carry paperback size books. Thank you bloggers and readers for helping me and the rest of the YA Community know it’s alright to be environmentally conscious and to accept a book of shorter length than the gigantic ya novels today.


Every book is the end results of months of hard work, sweat, creativity, lack of sleep, and teamwork.  A lot of thought and care have gone into the making of a book, especially of a series the magnitude of The Frost Series, PULSE, The Stoker Sisters, The Wordwick Games, Wicked Woods, and my other series.  These books are not just books, but stories and concepts that are and will be brought out not only in book format, but as film, television, and video games.  So, you see, these stories…these books are bigger than me, the story of hope and individual aspirations are more universal than I am. I am but the vehicle of delivery, for which I am very grateful to be part of.


For your unlimited support and unconditional love. Everyone close to me know how much time and devotion I have dedicated to writing books with strong girl/young women characters so that girls and young women can have positive role models in their fiction as well as in their real life. As a mother of a girl, an aunt of several nieces, an educator, and someone who has worked with young women in crisis, my hope is to help provide an additional form of YA literature that would help girls see themselves as strong and capable. Perhaps soon, we will be able to see a woman as President, and hopefully, gender won’t be an issue when it comes to leadership and capability.



Wicked Woods Release Contest – Ends November 26, 2010!

Merry Frost-y Xmas Contest!

Available Now


Releasing December 22, 2010

Releasing February 2011


Releasing 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving – Thanks List, Contests, and Upcoming Promotion

  1. Thanks to you Kailin! You are the best and we appreciate all of your hard work! Have a happy holiday! (and try to have a lil fam time! 😉 )

  2. Oh, No, Kailin! I went to Amazon to get my Kindle versions of Wicked Woods & Shimmer and it says it’s not available!
    I’m so bummed!!!
    Sniff, sniff…… I was so looking forward to them!
    Will you yell at them? LOL, I know I wanted to! I figured after everyone left after dinner it would be my reward!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kailin –last thing you need to hear is my snarking!

    • Ugh, this truly wasn’t the post I wanted to leave my whine on! I wasn’t complaining about you, I was just disappointed-Every series you write is fantastic, making me an instant addict.

      I THANK YOU for all you’ve done–keeping in touch with us-your fans and actually taking the time to make meaningful comments, not generalized posts. That’s important. Especially for someone with the magnitude of responsibilities that you have.

      I highly respect that you make your books available in eco-friendly print AND e-book format. I own a Kindle, because it’s not easy for me to shop in the traditional way anymore-but I order prints for favorite authors such as yourself.
      E-books are easier for me to get since I’ve gotten sick, more economical and soothes the instant gratification monster in me :o)

      I admire the role model protagonist’s you center most of your books around. I agree that it’s so important for girls and young women to identify with a role model who learns to make the right choices, to do the right thing and more importantly, to be true to herself.

      It’s amazing the amount of work you get done in such a short period of time. Pure talent and drive goes into creating the worlds you take your readers to. I think referring to yourself as a ‘vehicle’ is much to humble. It’s like saying a PC is just a glorified typewriter. You’re the heart and soul of these works and for your work to move into gaming and film, well, fantastic for us but even more so for those that have the joy of working with you on the concepts!

      Never doubt for a minute that your fans don’t realize just how much hard work and self-sacrifice goes into your writing. It’s there in every word we read.
      I’m grateful for every tear I’ve cried, for every time I’ve LOL, for every nail I’ve chewed off and for every phone call I didn’t answer- all because I was reading a Kailin Novel!
      I am thankful that I have had the pleasure to not only read your writing but that I also have more of your writing to look forward to.

      I hope you had the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kailin and thank you for all your hard work all of your books are wonderful and full of beautiful characters!!
    Laura Sifuentes

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