New Year – New Series! 2 New Series Releases this Weekend!

Two New Books and Series Releases this Weekend!  First in Kindle and then Paperback.

The Alchemists Academy


“What do you learn here…at the Academy?” Wirt asks. “Magic? The responsibility to use your powers responsibly?”

“Uh…something like that,” his roommate Spencer said. “More like how to rule worlds.”

Wirt is used to being shuffled from foster home to foster home, adopting a devil-may-care attitude toward the world along the way.  Now he’s in a school he can’t escape, learning to develop his latent magical abilities, for what use, he doesn’t know…to save his world or to destroy it…

The Alchemists Academy Releases on Kindle this Weekend!


Harold the Kung Fu Kid


Harold may be the nerdiest kid in high school, but he’s just like every boy in school when it came to Francesca, the hottest girl in school. There’s something about her that draws boys to her like bees to honey. When she suddenly expresses an interest in him, life takes on a bizarre turn. Something strange yet amazing is taking hold of his life, and he must find out what before everything and everyone he cares for is destroyed.

Harold the Kung Fu Kid releases in Kindle this Weekend! Then in Paperback the following week.

Discussion Questions for Both Series Coming Soon!

Middle Grade, Teen and Up


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