2011 News – Upcoming Events – More than Just Books! It’s about Giving Back to the Community

A few Things Coming Up this Year!

There will be some exciting things on the horizon:

1) I’ll be attending the Romantic Times BookLover Convention this year along with authors like Richelle Mead, Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel, and Kami Garcia. I’ll be signing books.  If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by and say “hi”.

2) I’ll be attending Comic Con this year, and will have characters from my books there.  Fun Fun Fun!

3) I’m booked for appearances on Radio and Television. First stop is NBC television, then CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

4) I’m starting up my radio show Women Who Write with a slew of interviews with well… women who write – authors, screenwriters, singer/songwriters, publicists, television writers (I live near Los Angeles…the Capital of moviemaking…what do you expect?), actresses, and a lot more women who write.  If you want to know the nitty gritty of writing, hear how these successful women earn a living doing what they love… writing, learn about some of the challenges they have faced, get some real advice; then tune in.

5) Shy Girls Social Club – my teen site and the teen girls’ group I personally mentor.  There will be more activity.  There will be a Workshop for girls on Self-esteem and opportunities for girls to get involve.  There will be a big project we can all work on that will be either published or aired/screened.  Stay tuned, Girls!  Oh, and scholarship opportunities.

6) 3As for Autism (Actors, Artists, and Authors for Autism) – the Autism Awareness and Action Group I founded with a bunch of actors and filmmakers.  We are going to start developing a film I wrote that will be filmed in Spring or Summer. Film title will be reveal later.

7) On the horizon…I hear that my fiction books are being used by the medical community in neurological and mental well-being.  I know the U.S. Mental Health Association has recommended my books, but now I’m hearing neurological experts are reading and using my YA fiction books for medical reasons.  Amazing.  I’m blown away and honored beyond belief.

So… the reason for this post is to say, it’s more than just books for me. Writing these books and using them to connect and get in touch with people is my way to give back to our community and our world.  Whether it is for self-esteem development, helping women who would like to write for a living learn about it through a radio show, awareness-building of Autism, or neurological research;  I’m glad these books and I are able to help.


5 thoughts on “2011 News – Upcoming Events – More than Just Books! It’s about Giving Back to the Community

  1. Kailin! That’s some very exciting news!

    It really sounds like you’re going to be meeting some incredibly interesting people not to mention doing some fantastic things. I hope you’ll share some with us!

    I always want to go to Comic Con every year; I am a huge Angel, Buffy and Supernatural fan– of course, I wouldn’t dress up, LOL, but I would so love to go-it’s a bit above my budget right now or I’d be busy making plans!

    You know that saying ‘Music can soothe the savage beast’ ? Well, for a lot of those with neurological pain and dysfunction reading can act as Biorhythms, only each word acts as each sound note. It’s much like meditation.

    Your end paragraph says it all, Kailin. It tells everyone a little bit about what’s really important to you. Other women struggling to write, other famlies trying to learn/cope with all the different forms of Autism and also the effects of reading on neurological/neuromuscular diseases.

    You’re one of the most altruistic people I’ve ever met; I’ve yet to see you do something in your professional life that didn’t somehow benefit another in need :O]
    Bravo, Kailin!
    Please know that you are loved, respected and most of all—cherished by myself and your fans and friends

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