3 thoughts on “Some Awesome Fan Art and Buttons for Bloggers are Here for Grabs!

  1. I’ve already grabbed my Kian button! Thanks Patrick! What beautiful artwork Aurora! I have no idea how either of you did these but you are both so creative! I hope you go over to our Good Reads page and join in discussions and events we have going on. Just sign into Good Reads and go to Groups and join under Kailin Gow. You need to follow her or be a fan of hers on Good Reads. It’s open to anyone that wants to join, not just these two amazing artists!

    Heather R

    • Heather and Kristi started a Kailin Gow Books Bookclub on Goodreads. Every month of so, they pick a book to read and discuss. They also have contests, polls, some exclusives from me on new books, series, character changes, etc. So, if you would love to discuss characters, books, series, best or favorites, this is an official group to join.

      Heather and Kristi are extremely well-read bloggers, too. They have a wicked sense of humor, but they’re welcoming, too. So…so join!

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