Every DARK Tale has its BEGINNINGS – DARK BEGINNINGS release Contest/Party – Jan. 18!

Every Dark Tale has its Beginnings

Love in Paris During the Time of Napoleon’s Reign…

Veronique, arrives in Paris to be groomed into a fashionable noble lady. As soon as she meets the aristocratic Philippe Aragon and his darkly attractive cousin Martin Aragon, her life is changed. Romance, magic, intrigue, and action follows in this lush historical paranormal romance between the Aragons and the one woman who would be the greatest influence on Eric, known as the Phantom in Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. A stand alone novel, Dark Beginnings, is also a prequel to The Phantom Diaries.

Special Release Promotion – The Phantom Diaries

With the new release of Dark Beginnings, The Phantom Diaries is Available for  99 cents on Kindle for the rest of January. So, now’s the time to buy a copy of your own Phantom Diaries and see why fans are wanting more of Eric!

Every DARK Tale has its BEGINNINGS Contest

Dark Beginning releases in Kindle on January 18 and in Paperback January 24th


2 Phantom Diaries SIGNED Set (Phantom Diaries #1 and Dark Memories – Phantom Diaries #2)

The Phantom Diaries

Dark Memories (The Phantom Diaries, #2)

Grand Prize

1 Coach Bag

Contest Rules

1) Change your profile photo to one of these books from Now to January 18.

2) Tweet and post this contest on your Facebook and Twitter

3) Follow me on Goodreads and then join the Kailin Gow Books Book Club

4) Comment here to let me know what you did for the contest. If you’ve commented before on an earlier Dark Beginnings Contest post, you’ve already entered.



Join me for the Online Facebook Release Party and Announcement of Winners on January 18 at 7 pm pacific standard time at:

The Phantom Diaries Facebook Group Page



Also enter another contest:  Crazy about Boys – Alchemists Academy, Harold the Kung Fu Kid, and The Return (Wordwick Games #3) Release and Party on January 21!

Get a chance to Win a KOBO as the Grand Prize

Get a chance to Win SIGNED books!

More details here.


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