The Wolf Fey (Frost Novelette) is Going to Be a New Series! Logan’s Story where he bares all

The Stoic Sexy Logan of The Frost Series Finally Gets to Bare his Soul and More in this New Series from

Because of the Overwhelming response to’s limited offer of The Wolf Fey, has awarded me with a contract for an open-ended amount of The Wolf Fey books.

The Wolf Fey, the novelette, is about Logan’s Wolf Fey world in Feyland and takes place before Bitter Frost (Frost #1) so it is actually a kind of a prequel. It will blend into the ongoing Frost Series books – Bitter Frost, Forever Frost, Silver Frost, Frost Kisses, and Midnight Frost.

The Wolf Fey, introduced in Silver Frost, Book 3 of the Frost Series, is a new mythology based on the concept that werewolves have fairy blood in them in order to help them shift. This is their magic.

The Frost Series has already been optioned by a film company so The Wolf Fey will also  play some role in the film.

Of course, I am beyond excited, and I will share with you some news when it is available.

Here’s the book trailer…

The Wolf Fey is currently only available through

3 thoughts on “The Wolf Fey (Frost Novelette) is Going to Be a New Series! Logan’s Story where he bares all

  1. Logan bares all huh? Well, I certainly hope you pick the right actor for that Kailin!
    Congratulations and I’m loving the Logan’s story so far. I love fairy magic combined with werewolves it really fits together to me.


    • You’ll see – it’s from his POV so he bares his thoughts, his heart, and of course everything else. You get to see why he risks everything for Breena in the Frost Series. Yes, the actor who plays Logan will have to be in great shape 🙂

      Glad you’re loving the story so far… 😀

  2. This is the first time anyone has even remotely come close to getting between me and Kian.
    I love my Logan, just not sure if he’.s for Breena or not.
    I can’t wait to see where this series is going.

    Thank you Kailin for this exciting new series.


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