The PULSE is BLUE: Blue Blood PULSE 4 Early Release Tuesday Feb. 15! Win a SIGNED Nook Color and a BLUE cover!

Blue Blood (PULSE Vampires Series #4) Releases Early on Tuesday February 15th on Kindle!  Then in paperback the week of February 22.

Here’s the description for Blue Blood:

You thought you knew all about Life’s Blood and what it can do. You thought you knew what Kalina was. Now in Blue Blood, all that will change as Kalina meets her maker.  One of her vampire loves will die, another will be turned, and another will break her heart forever.

Blue Blood is the pivotal book in the PULSE series that will change everything…

The PULSE is BLUE : Blue Blood PULSE 4 Contest

Within the Pages of Blue Blood, PULSE 4, the book, you will find an entry form to enter to win a new SIGNED Nook Color with a Blue Cover.

There are other prizes and gifts, but it’s only found within the pages of Blue Blood, PULSE 4 and while supplies last. So don’t forget to be amongst the first to get Blue Blood, so you can get the free gifts.

FEBRUARY 15, 2011!

The PULSE Series of books is about the Vampires of Napa Valley…




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