What is a FROST KISS?

A Frost Kiss is a new kissing style, illustrated in the latest book in the Frost Series, Frost Kisses, releasing March 15th, by Prince Kian, the icy handsome Prince of Winter, and his love Breena.


More details on what a FROST KISS is will be found on the Frost Series page Here.

Frost Kisses, set for early release March 15, 2011!  Join the Party and Enter to Win some Great Prizes! Details on this Party and Contest coming soon…


3 thoughts on “What is a FROST KISS?

  1. Kailin,
    I read the Character Study for Prince Kian. I knew he was based on Jack Frost and imaging based on Narnia’s Prince Caspian. That’s so funny because despite that, it’s not how I picture him at all! (and that’s my little secret-big teehee).

    It’s going to be so fun finding out just what ‘Frost Kisses’ are & reading the book; two things to look forward to.

    Laura—Isn’t Angels and Hunters amazing?

    • Find out in Frost Kisses, Kristi! Also, hope you can make the Frost Kisses release party tonight at 6:30 pm pst. Because you reached out to me and shared how you use the Frost Series to overcome pain, I wrote a little dedication to you in the Dedication 😀 I hope you’re feeling better.

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