The Wolf Fey #2 of the Frost Series – The Red Wolf Cover Reveal

The Wolf Fey #2, The Red Wolf Cover is here:

The Red Wolf makes its appearance in Frost Kisses (Out March 15!)

Join the online party and contest:  Goodbye French Kisses, Hello Frost Kisses Contest

More information here.


The Red Wolf (The Wolf Fey #2 of the Frost Series)

Out Summer 2011


5 thoughts on “The Wolf Fey #2 of the Frost Series – The Red Wolf Cover Reveal

  1. Oh, this is going to be so great. You know how torn I’ve been between Kian and Logan lately and it’s been tearing me up! I’m almost to the point of adding Team Logan right next to Team Kian on my blog but then I’d look more ditzy than I already am… sometimes but only on my really ‘bad’ days :o[ I just can’t make up my mind and quite frankly, I don’t think I should have to at this point :op (that’s me sticking my tongue out teehee)

    I have ‘loved’ (and danced with) Kian for a long time and always felt he was ‘THE ONE’ for Breena but now and I still think that but I can”t imagine a world without Logan (he rescues me time and again) and Breena together, either. See… TORN!

    You’ve really got me going, Kailin! I know The Red Wolf cover reveal is going to rock my world, just like the book will. You read my review on the novelette so the book will probably be twice as great and hold my heart in thrall as did Logan’s first ‘solo’.

    I am so looking forward to this and hope I can attend. Please don’t make it to late, Kailin!
    The mystery and suspense is killing me and there’s already enough stuff doing that to me!

    It is a delicious suspense and the imagination runs wild with possibilities, Kailin.

    Big Hugs,


  2. That is one wicked bad looking cover! (Remembering that’s a good thing here in Massachusetts) The Red Wolf looks like he might be a little intimidating. I think Kian might need to watch his britches. I’m still not over the Silver Frost ending! I know what you said Kailin, but still, how could he?!

    I do however like your campaign to switch from French Kisses to Frost Kisses! They sound so much prettier and sweeter!


    • Hope you get a chance to read about Prince Kian giving Breena Frost Kisses lessons lol! It’s actually a based on a real kiss. I’ll talk about it more tonight at the Frost Kisses release party 6:30 pm pacific standard time on the Frost Series Facebook page.

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