Early Release! Silver (Wicked Woods #3) Releases Early April 5, 2011!

Silver (Wicked Woods #3) Releases Earlier than Anticipated July 2011 Date.  Releases April 5, 2011 on Kindle!

No Joke.  It’s Arriving Early, and this is the Wicked Woods, even the residents of Wicked, MA never thought existed. For all those who compared Wicked Woods to Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, be prepared to be surprised. The further deeper into the Wicked Woods you go, the more wicked it gets. Briony, Aunt Sophie, George, and the townspeople of Wicked, MA, are about to be thrown into a Wicked Woods that they could never imagined.

Also, Join Kailin Gow at the Romantic Times Booklover Convention Saturday April 9 in Los Angeles, as she signs copies of her books. Bring your copies to be signed by her.  There may be a chance that paperback copies of Silver (Wicked Woods #3) may be available for signing then, too.


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