Introducing the YA SUMMER OF SPECTACULAR SUPERNATURALS – New Releases from Kailin Gow

Hi Everyone!  I’m excited to announce a few new book releases I’m having this summer just so you know…

Here they are and the release dates:

From the DESIRE Series

A separate novella from the new dystopian urban fantasy series.

Releases end of June 2011!

From the PULSE Vampire Series...

The Pulse Papers (PULSE Series ™ #4.5)

Cover Soon to Be Revealed.

Exclusive eBook Release…July 4, 2011

Beautiful Beings – A new series

Releases July 18, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the FROST Series...

Letters from the Winter Prince Kian to Breena. Takes place during the time of Silver Frost (Frost #3), but can be read separately.

Releases end of July 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback (with this 3D Effects Cover – You see the Snowflake first or you see Prince Kian first without the snowflake as tattoo or with the snowflake as a tattoo).

From the Alchemists Academy Series

Elemental Explosions (Book #2)

Releases July 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the PULSE Vampire Series

Brotherhood of Blood (Brotherhood of Blood Series ™ )

A new series about the Brotherhood of Blood, made up of Octavius, the Greystones, and the Consortium.

Releases August 1, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

FADE – A new series

Releases August 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the Wolf Fey FROST Series

The Red Wolf (Book #2)

Releases August 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another announcement! 

International Bestselling YA Fairy Series – The FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial Airs Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I’m having the most amazing week!  The first book in my new fantasy series DESIRE, a young adult dystopian, came out with a splash!  I was told by my marketing agency, DESIRE became an international bestseller!  Wow. Thank you everyone who made that happened!  I heard it’s really romantic, but edgy (hehe) … if you haven’t gotten a copy, yet, the Contest to win a Kindle (pre-loaded) by me is still going on, so go out there and get DESIRE!

But here’s the other news – the FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial will Air this Memorial Day Weekend!  On the SyFy Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family Channel.  Watch for it!

Also, you will notice when you click the description on the YouTube posting of this Commercial, the FROST Series(TM) will be made into an international game by one of the largest gaming companies. A press release will be sent out with more details.  So readers, the world of Feyland will become more than words off a page, but a world you can truly enter, interact, and see!  This is an exciting venture for everyone, and the FROST series will be one of my first book series to be turned into a worldwide game.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

New Release Today! DESIRE is in Paperback! Buy DESIRE, get 2 Books from Kailin FREE (For a LIMITED TIME) & WIN a Kindle, and more!

DESIRE is NOW AVAILABLE  in Kindle and Paperback on

Buy a copy of DESIRE (kindle or paperback), and GET 2 Books from Kailin Gow Free for  a LIMITED TIME! (Only this week – from today to June 1, 2011)

The Wolf Fey Novelette

Summer Wishes (a DESIRE Novella)

Details Here:


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Entry to win a Pre-Loaded and SIGNED Kindle from Kailin Gow available within the DESIRE book itself!

Winner Announced for the BLUE BLOOD (PULSE #4) Nook Color and Blue Cover Contest! Still More Chances to WIN!!

The Winner for the New Signed Nook Color with a Blue Cover PULSE Blue Blood Contest has been picked by

Congratulations Jenny Ellis from St. Joseph, MO for winning the Nook Color and the Blue Nook Cover!

Everyone who purchased a copy of Blue Blood (PULSE #4) and email their receipt to theEDGEbooks (at) will receive a SIGNED PULSE bookmark. Hurry, there are still supplies left, but are limited.

P.S. – Be sure to enter to win a Kindle or a KOBO in the other contests still running for:

Bitter Frost

Bitter Frost Contest information here:

Frost Kisses (Frost Series #4)

Frost Kisses Contest information here:

What an Honor! Wicked Woods, PULSE, Bitter Frost, Stoker Sisters Win 7 Awards in Fiction.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I have some amazing news to share with you about some of my books – Wicked Woods, Bitter Frost, PULSE, and The Stoker Sisters – they all won awards in the 2nd Annual International Book Awards, along with books from St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, Zondervan, and Random House.

Here’s the article on it from CBS News.

Wicked Woods won the Horror Fiction Award and placed as Finalist in Young Adult Fiction.

Bitter Frost, PULSE, and The Stoker Sisters won awards in various categories, too, such as Romance, Multi-genre, Multicultural, and Chick-Lit/Women’s Literature.  This is quite an honor!

Participate in DESIRE DAY (May 24), Pre-order DESIRE on Amazon Kindle for Auto-Delivery to Your Kindle on May 24!

May 24 is DESIRE DAY

Over a million people will be participating in the launch of DESIRE, a new dystopian fiction series about the right to choose your own future, and the right to pursue a life that you desire.

Next Week here…there will be an Announcement on How You Can Participate.  There will be Prizes, there will be voting, but most of all, there will be a way where you can be heard!

Pre-order your copy of DESIRE on Amazon Kindle today so you get DESIRE automatically delivered to your kindle on May 24!!

Stay tune for the Desire Day Participation Announcement next week!

New Book Available Now! Shy Girls Social Club, Published Under Kailin Lauren Gow

Shy Girls Social Club, Book 1, is now available as an eBook on Kindle.

Paperback to Follow in a few weeks

The Shy Girls Social Club Description

My name is Lacey Lu, and I am starting my freshman year of high school, with my friends Penny and Valerie. Little did I know, Tempest, the girl who made my life miserable since preschool would be there, too, making it even worse. She is now more gorgeous, more popular, and more mean than ever. But now I’m about to get my revenge.

The battle is on!
The battle between the Shy Girls vs. the Mean Girls. This is the book that started the real life social club. Shy Girls Social Club is the story of how four friends formed a club to rival the cliques, mean girls society, and bullies in high school while beginning a revolution on teen girl issues. This is the introduction of the series for girls age 12 and up.

Social Issues Explored in this Book:

  • Autism
  • Bullying
  • Cliques
  • Friendship
  • Dating
  • Family Issues
  • High School
  • New Experiences
  • Growing Up
  • Self-image
  • Self-esteem

This is the first book published under my full name Kailin Lauren Gow. Why?

Simply to distinguish new books from me that are less edgy like my other teen/ya books.  A new line of books under Kailin Lauren Gow will still have the elements of adventure, action, and romance that are in all my fiction books, but these books are fine for age 10 and up.

I’m fortunate to have the most understanding publishing team in the world to be able to write whatever kind of juvenile, middle grade, teen, young adult, non-fiction books I want to, free from the constraints of formula, so I can explore different avenues of writing, literature, and plot.  I can write about issues and do it in a way that is fun and entertaining.

Teacher/Class/Group Discussion Friendly Books Under Kailin Lauren Gow

Writing under Kailin Lauren Gow also allows me to put in elements and issues that I know teachers and youth/group leaders would want to explore.

Having been an educator, and grown up in long line of educators (my late great grandfather and grandfather were school Principals, my uncles are all college professors and one is even a Dean of a major university, and my mother is a teacher), as well as a parent, it has been instilled in me that every moment, every experience can be a teachable one.

Now with the Kailin Lauren Gow books, readers (including parents, teachers, and gift givers) will know these books are for older tweens and younger teens (in terms of issues and style) and know these books are appropriate for school book clubs, parent/child book clubs, and group reading.

Book discussion questions will be available here under Shy Girls Social Club, at the end of this week.

New Book Releases Tomorrow

A new book is being released tomorrow.  Look for it on Kindle. It will be primarily an eBook release for now.

It will be published under my full name Kailin Lauren Gow.

More information on the books published under Kailin Lauren Gow to come and why.