International Bestselling YA Fairy Series – The FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial Airs Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I’m having the most amazing week!  The first book in my new fantasy series DESIRE, a young adult dystopian, came out with a splash!  I was told by my marketing agency, DESIRE became an international bestseller!  Wow. Thank you everyone who made that happened!  I heard it’s really romantic, but edgy (hehe) … if you haven’t gotten a copy, yet, the Contest to win a Kindle (pre-loaded) by me is still going on, so go out there and get DESIRE!

But here’s the other news – the FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial will Air this Memorial Day Weekend!  On the SyFy Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family Channel.  Watch for it!

Also, you will notice when you click the description on the YouTube posting of this Commercial, the FROST Series(TM) will be made into an international game by one of the largest gaming companies. A press release will be sent out with more details.  So readers, the world of Feyland will become more than words off a page, but a world you can truly enter, interact, and see!  This is an exciting venture for everyone, and the FROST series will be one of my first book series to be turned into a worldwide game.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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