Summer Wishes (DESIRE #1.5) Out in 3 More Days – June 30! Special Gift for my Fans…

SUMMER WISHES (DESIRE #1.5) will be released on  June 30 OR perhaps a little earlier on Amazon on Kindle.

As a Gift to my loyal fans and readers, SUMMER WISHES is being offered for free (but only for 3 days).  Since you’re a reader of my blog, you’re being told this is only for 3 days.

So remember to pick up a copy of SUMMER WISHES (DESIRE #1.5) on Kindle, the only place where you will find it for free. Amazon is the only authorized retailer for providing SUMMER WISHES for free as an ebook for 3 days.

DESIRE introduces you to the perfect world of Kama’s society, but SUMMER WISHES shocks you out of it.


5 out of 5 -“This was quit a delightful read, the authors prose were smooth and wonderful. She captures the beauty of love into words. Magical!
This cover is absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorites!” – Cindy, Goodreads

5 out of 5 Stars – “…Desire was a new and interesting story in the YA genre. It has you wondering about the true nature of this so-called perfect world. Will Kama discover the truth about her life? Will her life’s plan give her freedom or just cause more problems. Desire was mysterious and engaging with an ending that leaves you wanting more. ” – Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf

5 out of 5 Stars…..Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam, soon to be her future husband.
However, her world turns upside down when an enchanting, desireable boy Torrid appears in her life. Is the life she was supposed to be living really not what it looks like? Is there another pad she is destined for to live? Is her love toward Liam not as strong as she thought it was, is Torrid the love of her life? Step by step Kama discovers her true nature and makes her decision, but is It the right one?Xandra Van Welder, News Anchor, TV Zemst

Good News! Kailin Gow Bestselling Books now On Sale on Amazon! So fill up your Kindle and Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer!

Prices have been cut just for Summer, thanks to’s Encouraging Summer Reading promotion.

Here are the books where prices have been cut. Click on the title for more information on each book series:

Wicked Woods is now $2.99!

Wolf Fey is now $.99!

Pulse is now $.99!

Life’s Blood (PULSE #2) is now $2.99!

Blood Burned (PULSE #3) is now $2.99!

Rise of the Fire Tamer is now $2.99!

Daughters of Dracula (Stoker Sisters #1) is now $2.99

The Alchemists Academy #1: Stones to Ashes is now $2.99

The Phantom Diaries is now $2.99!

Shy Girls Social Club is now $2.99!

At these prices, you can get well…3 or 4 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  And at the regular price of $4.99, you can get 2 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  Many of these books are bestselling books, have been well-reviewed, and won awards.

Happy Reading, and Remember, you still have a chance to enter the Reading Marathon and 25,000 AAdvantage Miles Contest.  Most of these books are the first books in the series and count as double points!

Writing not as an “Author” and not as “Author Kailin Gow” but as a Concerned Parent and Citizen

Just recently, someone accused me of not being a large publisher (I represent a large publisher that publishes over 75 to 100 books a year at least) because I conversed and even stood up to a cyberbully on the internet.  I admit, I’m not one of the established old Big 6 publishers, but by volume of publication, I’m finding out from distributors and from vendors we work with, that we’re among the top 10% in volume.  And in fact, is in a category almost new to many in publishing. We act and work like an indie (we’re earthy and get down to the nitty gritty like an indie), yet we have big publisher volume and even have the same marketing/advertising/pr resources.  I guess that confuses a lot of people in the publishing and book world. And authors like me tend to be very interactive at the ground level just because we like people.  We’re not told to stop interacting with people, even when we become a “name” in the book industry.

And believe me, many people who are my readers or are bloggers, are just like me, and have aspiring dreams to become an author one day, like I did.  So, when I converse with people, it’s not so much, I’m an “author” and you are “blogger, reader _____ (fill in the blanks), but you and I are both people with daily concerns.

Well, everyone who has been following me know I am a big advocate of anti-bullying. I’ve written a book on it for teens and their parents, Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies.  I’m also touring on national radio about this, as well as making some video-related media about this. I’m running a workshop for girls about self-esteem issues and are facing bullying issues, too, this summer.  In other words, it’s a topic near and dear to me, and when I speak about it… it’s not about me being an “author” but me being a person – a peer, a parent, a person who want people to know that it takes just 1 person to stand up to bullying in a peer atmosphere to help the person being bullied stand up, too.

So, speaking from the heart, I stepped out of my “author” role and began speaking out against a cyberbully who has been harassing and bullying blogger and author friends of mine for months, even graphically threatening them with violence. Yes, I was also a target of these attacks.  But a brave blogger stepped out and said she wasn’t going to stand for this cyberbully (who was and still is using a fake name and blog on the internet) bashing her friends and accusing authors of false accusations.  I recently stood up with her, and yes, I did get some heat, and even been accused of not being a real author because why would I get involved in something so petty like this.

The thing is… it is not petty to me, when a friend is being bullied.  It is not petty to me, as a parent and a responsible adult when a minor, who is a blogger, is bullied on cyberspace in front of a large book industry audience.

I may not be the conventional, traditional-type author, and I don’t aim to be, if it doesn’t allow for me to be vocal against bullies and people who aid them.  Authors are thought-provokers, they are on the forefront of change and ideas.  To me, it is only natural that authors have strong opinions and thoughts about bullying as well.

And for that blogger who claimed I must not be a real author or even represent a large publisher because I spent some time conversing with her over the internet, this is what I have to say about why I do take the time to touch base with as many people as I can who contacted me:

The 5 REASONS WHY  I Talk to People Personally

Although I have a publicist or two, and even a financial and legal adviser, I get asked this all the time, why do you interact with your readers so much?

1) The answer is simply because I see many of my readers as friends.

They have read my books, understood the story, and have come to love the characters in these stories as much as I do.

I know many of my readers, I share their pain when they lose a loved ones, congratulate them on victories, go through their birthdays and dramas at home and work, and even lend a supporting hand when they’re trying to build their blogs or FB pages. So you see, in other words, a lot of my readers have become friends of mine. They read my books, and they understand me like a friend understands their friend.

People have said I should hire a personal assistant and a secretary to keep track of emails and people’s names. (I get about 100 to 1000 emails a day), and I try to respond to each and every one of them.   I tell these people it’s because most of these emails are from people whom I have already established a kind of relationship with – through reading and sharing a love of common interests.  I figure if you love my books, that’s already a big shared interest.

2) My readers are pretty darn interesting people

I know I may complain about being overwhelmingly busy (I am), but I know my readers are, too.  Many of us are juggling jobs, school, parenting, and more. I feel what you feel and know sometimes that stress can get to any of us, which is why I write the type of books that I do – fun, sometimes crazy, swept-off-your-feet romantic fantasy fiction. They’re the kinds of books I would read for escapism.  That being said, I do appreciate that you’ve spent your time reading my book (although it was a quick read lol) when you could be doing something else.

3) I know how reading can be time-consuming (I’m a reader, too) so I am pretty happy when a reader Facebook me and tells me she just read this or that book and she knows she’ll be one of my biggest fans.  I can’t tell you how incredibly touched I am when someone tells me this. It literally brings tears to my eyes.

Not only does this feel incredible, and I am honored, but I want my readers to know from the bottom of my heart, this:

4) You Make Me, an Author, feel Warm and Fuzzy, too!

When you enjoy my books and even reach out to me to let me know or even write a review about it, it really makes my day.  It makes me feel good about what I’m working hard for, and it makes my editors, graphic designer, and pr/marketing people, happy too.

5) My Readers are Not Only Interesting, but they are Fun, Smart, and Great to Hang Out with!

So, please don’t be a stranger. Come on by and say “Hi”, show up at one of the parties or contests I hold virtually once in a while, usually in celebration of a book release.  And become a Facebook friend of mine and vice versa. I really do want to find out more about you, and consider it a great honor that you’re a reader of mine.


Summer Wishes (DESIRE #1.5) by Kailin Gow will put the “D” in “DYSTOPIAN” – Releases on June 30!!

Hi Everyone,

I’m really excited to bring you Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) as a DESIRE novella this summer.  If you like Dystopian and YA, you will like Summer Wishes. Where DESIRE tells the story of the perfect utopian society in the year 3010 through Kama Johnson’s eyes, Summer Wishes shows you the cracks in this society in one of the most shocking ways.

On JUNE 30th, Summer Wishes will be released

as an exclusive ebook on Amazon Kindle.

Get this, for the first 3 days, Summer Wishes will be FREE on Amazon, so get it and get it quick before you forget.

It’s my GIFT to you for the Summer for being well, you, my loyal readers and friends.  If you have any doubts how much I love my readers, know that I will not charge an ebook above $9.99 no matter how much marketing dollars and how much time and effort I put into writing the book.  At the same time, because there is significant marketing and because I have to pay a staff who help me with graphics, editing, production, etc., these books will be priced a little over .99 which would be reasonable.  Anyways, read… 5 REASONS WHY to find out how I am committed to this.  So…this will be a blog for another day.


Hi Everyone,

I want to pass along a statement from about KIRKUS REVIEWS.  I’m proud to be one of the first authors to be reviewed by an actual independent Kirkus reviewer in their KIRKUS REVIEWS Indie program, which provides the fastest professional review service for publishers and authors.

Here is what my publisher, have to say about KIRKUS REVIEWS Indie:

Reprinted here:

TheEDGEbooks is proud to obtain a review from KIRKUS REVIEWS of DESIRE through their new KIRKUS INDIE Reviews program. Rather than having to wait to receive a review from Kirkus, through this program, a review from Kirkus can be possible within weeks. It is a program theEDGEbooks is proud to be an early adopter of and feels KIRKUS Reviews is providing a valuable service to Indie authors, publishers, and those otherwise would not have a chance to be reviewed prompty by this publication. strides itself on being at the forefront of new publishing services and change.  In this service, any publisher and author can elect to publish or not publish the review on Kirkus and can use their reviews in any way to market their books.  Due to branding decisions, chose to not have Kirkus publish this review in their indie section, hence it will not be found on Kirkus. However, an actual Kirkus reviewer wrote that DESIRE is:

“The first book in a fantasy romance series featuring a heroine who must choose between two very different men and two very different destinies.”

The rest contains a bit of a spoiler in a book full of surprising twists and turns so pick up DESIRE to learn for yourself what it’s about.  And then Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) will really put the “D” in Dystopian for you.

Summer Wishes releases June 30, 2011.

PULSE Vampire Series Cover Reveal

Hi PULSE Fans!!  To Bridge the gap between the next PULSE Book after Blue Blood (PULSE #4) and Blood Bond (PULSE #5) releasing in September, we have:  Book #4.5 of the PULSE Series.

The PULSE Papers (PULSE #4.5)

Kalina thought the records of her birth and adoption were lost at the Nepalese orphanage, but through a search conducted by her vampire love Octavius and the discovery of her deceased adoptive parents’ hidden safe, a series of papers about her and Life’s Blood is uncovered.

Releases July 4th!

To celebrate this new release, PULSE Book 1 is now being offered for only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle for a limited time!  PULSE Book 1 Paperback version is also part of’s 4-for-3 Promotion right now, along with Bitter Frost, Forever Frost, and The Phantom Diaries!


If you haven’t read PULSE, this is your chance to get it at an incredible price. The PULSE Series is being developed into an international game and film. Details about this will be announced at a later date.  But stay tuned!!

YA SUMMER OF SPECTACULAR SUPERNATURALS – New Releases & Cover Reveals from Kailin Gow Plus 2 More!

Hi Everyone!  I’m excited to announce a few new book releases I’m having this summer just so you know and since some of you have been asking (hint hint Nic and Leslie!) …

Here they are and the release dates:

From the DESIRE Series

A separate novella from the new dystopian urban fantasy series.

Releases end of June 2011!

From the PULSE Vampire Series...

The Pulse Papers (PULSE Series ™ #4.5)

Cover Soon to Be Revealed.

Exclusive eBook Release…July 4, 2011

Beautiful Beings – A new series

Releases July 18, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the FROST Series...

The Fairy Letters: Letters from Winter Prince Kian to Breena (A Frost Series Novel)

Letters from the Winter Prince Kian to Breena. Takes place during the time of Silver Frost (Frost #3), but can be read separately.

Releases end of July 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback (with this 3D Effects Cover – You see the Snowflake first or you see Prince Kian first without the snowflake as tattoo or with the snowflake as a tattoo).

From the Alchemists Academy Series

Elemental Explosions (Book #2)

Releases July 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the PULSE Vampire Series

Brotherhood of Blood (Brotherhood of Blood Series ™ )

A new series about the Brotherhood of Blood, made up of Octavius, the Greystones, and the Consortium.

Releases August 1, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

FADE – A new series

FADE (Book 1)

Releases August 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the Wolf Fey FROST Series

The Red Wolf (Wolf Fey #2: Frost Series)

Releases August 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another announcement! 

From the Wicked Woods Series

Silence (Wicked Woods Series )

Silence (Wicked Woods #4) delivers an evil to Wicked Woods it has never seen before, but Briony and Aunt Sophie are now gone, missing into the heart of Wicked Woods, perhaps never to return again.

Releases August 23, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.

From the Books to Film Series

Books to Films: From Twilight, Jane Eyre, to Hunger Games

Perspectives from an Author/Filmmaker

A new series about filmmaking and adaptations of books to film from an author/filmmaker with interviews from filmmakers and authors.

Releases August 29, 2011 in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Paperback.