Hi Everyone,

I want to pass along a statement from about KIRKUS REVIEWS.  I’m proud to be one of the first authors to be reviewed by an actual independent Kirkus reviewer in their KIRKUS REVIEWS Indie program, which provides the fastest professional review service for publishers and authors.

Here is what my publisher, have to say about KIRKUS REVIEWS Indie:

Reprinted here:

TheEDGEbooks is proud to obtain a review from KIRKUS REVIEWS of DESIRE through their new KIRKUS INDIE Reviews program. Rather than having to wait to receive a review from Kirkus, through this program, a review from Kirkus can be possible within weeks. It is a program theEDGEbooks is proud to be an early adopter of and feels KIRKUS Reviews is providing a valuable service to Indie authors, publishers, and those otherwise would not have a chance to be reviewed prompty by this publication. strides itself on being at the forefront of new publishing services and change.  In this service, any publisher and author can elect to publish or not publish the review on Kirkus and can use their reviews in any way to market their books.  Due to branding decisions, chose to not have Kirkus publish this review in their indie section, hence it will not be found on Kirkus. However, an actual Kirkus reviewer wrote that DESIRE is:

“The first book in a fantasy romance series featuring a heroine who must choose between two very different men and two very different destinies.”

The rest contains a bit of a spoiler in a book full of surprising twists and turns so pick up DESIRE to learn for yourself what it’s about.  And then Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) will really put the “D” in Dystopian for you.

Summer Wishes releases June 30, 2011.

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