Good News! Kailin Gow Bestselling Books now On Sale on Amazon! So fill up your Kindle and Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer!

Prices have been cut just for Summer, thanks to’s Encouraging Summer Reading promotion.

Here are the books where prices have been cut. Click on the title for more information on each book series:

Wicked Woods is now $2.99!

Wolf Fey is now $.99!

Pulse is now $.99!

Life’s Blood (PULSE #2) is now $2.99!

Blood Burned (PULSE #3) is now $2.99!

Rise of the Fire Tamer is now $2.99!

Daughters of Dracula (Stoker Sisters #1) is now $2.99

The Alchemists Academy #1: Stones to Ashes is now $2.99

The Phantom Diaries is now $2.99!

Shy Girls Social Club is now $2.99!

At these prices, you can get well…3 or 4 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  And at the regular price of $4.99, you can get 2 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  Many of these books are bestselling books, have been well-reviewed, and won awards.

Happy Reading, and Remember, you still have a chance to enter the Reading Marathon and 25,000 AAdvantage Miles Contest.  Most of these books are the first books in the series and count as double points!

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