Summer Wishes (DESIRE #1.5) Out in 3 More Days – June 30! Special Gift for my Fans…

SUMMER WISHES (DESIRE #1.5) will be released on  June 30 OR perhaps a little earlier on Amazon on Kindle.

As a Gift to my loyal fans and readers, SUMMER WISHES is being offered for free (but only for 3 days).  Since you’re a reader of my blog, you’re being told this is only for 3 days.

So remember to pick up a copy of SUMMER WISHES (DESIRE #1.5) on Kindle, the only place where you will find it for free. Amazon is the only authorized retailer for providing SUMMER WISHES for free as an ebook for 3 days.

DESIRE introduces you to the perfect world of Kama’s society, but SUMMER WISHES shocks you out of it.


5 out of 5 -“This was quit a delightful read, the authors prose were smooth and wonderful. She captures the beauty of love into words. Magical!
This cover is absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorites!” – Cindy, Goodreads

5 out of 5 Stars – “…Desire was a new and interesting story in the YA genre. It has you wondering about the true nature of this so-called perfect world. Will Kama discover the truth about her life? Will her life’s plan give her freedom or just cause more problems. Desire was mysterious and engaging with an ending that leaves you wanting more. ” – Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf

5 out of 5 Stars…..Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam, soon to be her future husband.
However, her world turns upside down when an enchanting, desireable boy Torrid appears in her life. Is the life she was supposed to be living really not what it looks like? Is there another pad she is destined for to live? Is her love toward Liam not as strong as she thought it was, is Torrid the love of her life? Step by step Kama discovers her true nature and makes her decision, but is It the right one?Xandra Van Welder, News Anchor, TV Zemst

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