SILENCE – Wicked Woods #4 is Available Now! Giveaway tonight – 6:30 pm pst

SILENCE (Wicked Woods #4)

is Available Now on Kindle!

Briony finds herself in the middle of an ancient rivalry that dates back to the beginning of vampires. Having discovered the truth about herself and her family, Briony is further torn between love and duty, but now her choices will not only affect the Wicked Woods, but all of humanity. Deep in the heart of Wicked Woods there exists something so evil it must be guarded at all costs.


Get a chance to win a special handcrafted Tree of Life necklace from Blee Inara in our Online Release Party hosted here on this blog. Announcements of Winner of the Tree of Life will be on the Wicked Woods Facebook Page.

The Tree of Life necklace is featured on my upcoming show, tentatively titled “The Kailin Gow Show” right now, but there’s a segment where I find cool gadgets, etc. Blee Inara makes handmade jewelry that only sells in boutique stores or at CUSP, a Neiman Marcus store.

To win this necklace, SIGN UP for’s New Releases to Be Considered and join us/like us on


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