The PULSE Papers will Release as Paperback Along with Brotherhood of Blood (PULSE Brotherhood of Blood)

The PULSE Papers currently Available on Amazon Kindle, will be released in Paperback in the Brotherhood of Blood book set to release August 26, 2011.

So you get 2 Books in One!!!!  Thanks to!

The Brotherhood of Blood

Octavius, the powerful Roman General who became a vampire, tells the tale of his life as a vampire from the days of his turning to the time he turned the Greystone Brothers Jaegar and Stuart Greystone into vampires. It is a tale of heartache, triumph, and brotherhood… the story of how one vampire have emerged from the depth of despair at his turning into the Master Vampire, leader of the Consortium of Vampires, and love to the most exquisite Life’s Blood carrier Kalina Calloway.

Brotherhood of Blood is the 1st Book in the PULSE Vampire Series Spin-off

Releases August 25, 2011  for the Amazon Kindle


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