My Birthday Gift to You! Get The FAIRY ROSE – FREE as an eBook. eBook Releases August 15, 2011

I’ve had the most wonderful and amazing year this year.  And I’m truly feeling blessed and humbled by all the thousands of support and love that I’ve experienced this year. So many people have touched my life and enabled me to speak to others, to pay it forward.

To sum it up: I’ve had an up and down year experiencing the death of my father-in-law and the death of a close friend. It’s been rough in that regard, but faith and an indomitable spirit fueled by the love of many have made everything better.  And believe it or not, the constant writing of books.

To celebrate life, to celebrate birth of life and all that good stuff, I’m providing a gift to you:

The Fairy Rose (Fairy Rose Chronicles:  Book 1)

Talking about re-birth of life – The Fairy Rose is being released as an ebook for the first time since its publication in 2003. It will be released on Kindle, Kobo, and the Nook for a minimal price, which will go to a children’s charity.

Description of The Fairy Rose

Rose, a young fairy who lives in the glen of fairies or the Feyland of Summer and Winter fairies, have reached a critical age where she and her friends will discover their fey magic. With her older brother Rodney in fairy knight training, and her parents working at the Palace of the Summer Court, Rose could not help but be lured into the mysterious and glamorous world of fairy royalty.

The Fairy Rose features a world and a few characters that would be continued in the Frost Series.

Now Here’s the Gift:

For a Free Copy of The Fairy Rose (Book #1), go and like the Official FROST Series Page:

You will be able to get a free copy of The Fairy Rose during the week of August 15 for Liking The FROST Series Facebook Page

And if you like The Fairy Rose, don’t forget to pick up Book 2 and Book 3 – Releasing at the same time!

The Fairy Fair (Book 2) – Releases August 15!

Pixies vs. Fairies (The Fairy Rose Chronicles Book #3) – Releases August 17, 2011

TEACHERS:  I will have a TEACHER’S Classroom Kit for the Fairy Rose Chronicles Available this month.  Look for it here, on the blog!


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