New Release Dates for PULSE spin-off novel: Brotherhood of Blood and Frost spin-off: The Red Wolf (Wolf Fey #2)for the Kindle

Hi Everyone,

Due to an unanticipated heavy release schedule in August and for an event I have to prepare for (more on this in next post), had to push back the release dates of two books that were set to release on Kindle. Brotherhood of Blood and The Red Wolf. These two books did not have a pre-order so the schedule for a kindle release was not set in stone yet.

Here are the new release dates!

Brotherhood of Blood (PULSE Vampires Novel)- August 29!

And we will have a release celebration party!!

on August 29 – 6 pm with prizes and announcements!

The Red Wolf (Wolf Fey #2) – October 12, 2011

on Kindle

Thank you so much for asking me about the release dates for these books and for being among the thousands of fans for the FROST Series and The PULSE Vampire Series!!!  You are the best, most supportive fans a girl can have!


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