Reading Just Released Midnight Frost, Blood Bond, and Debuting The Fire Wars This Weekend at the OC Children’s Book Festival

As an author on the YA Featured Stage for this upcoming weekend’s Orange County Children’s Book Festival,  I will be reading from my newly-released books Midnight Frost (FROST #5),  Blood Bond (PULSE #5),  and my debut new dystopian fantasy series, The Fire Wars!

Her destiny was written in the books…but can she change a course that has already began thousands of years ago?

Mackenzy Evers had moved with her mother from Angel Island to Aeros Island during her senior year. What can be worse than to finish her senior year at a new school?

Living during the post-Erosion period on Earth where there is less land than before, Mac is happy to discover an island of rich beauty and lush landscapes, not to mention mysterious handsome boys and an ancient prophecy that is set to come true in Mac’s lifetime. Chance Cutter claims she is his Queen, his goddess to his Fire King, whom he had been searching for years. Their attraction to each other is undeniable, yet why does he seem to hate her? And who is she really?

Releases October 2, 2011


As all the creatures of Feyland are forced into a battle that will determine who rules Feyland, a bigger force emerges that threatens all. Love, loyalty, desires, duty, and friendships will be tested.  Choices will be made. Some will survive, while others will die.  Midnight Frost is the pivotal book in the popular Frost Series about the beautiful, but dangerous world of Feyland and its magical and powerful inhabitants.

Just Released!

As Kalina Calloway’s life’s blood guides her and Octavius, Jaegar, and Justin across the globe in search of possible carriers; they make some startling discoveries in the heart of Life’s Blood’s origins, as well as Kalina’s abilities. The time for her to choose a vampire has come.

Just Released!

The OC Children’s Books Festival

Besides actually being able to have 10 copies of SIGNED Limited Editions of THE FIRE WARS there 2 weeks before the paperback versions are available, and sold through Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore;  I will have some cool giveaways at my reading!  If that’s not something, I’m there with some really cool people, too – Molly Shannon (Author and Actress), Amber Benson (Author, Actress, and Director), Heather Brewer (YA Author), Kami Garcia (YA Author), Nancy Holder (YA Author) and more!  Check out who is going to be there on the Orange County Register.



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