Get STEAMY with Steampunk Scarlett! New YA Series Featuring New Technology. Release Party/Haunted Hotel Tour/Web Cast!

Introducing a new series in YA from Kailin Gow that combines mystery, romance, steampunk, and new technology within its pages:

The Steampunk Scarlett Series

People are buzzing about this series.  At a recent book publishing conference, the crowd went wild with the announcement of this series.  To kick off this series is book 1, releasing on Amazon Kindle tomorrow night, Thursday Oct. 27!

Following is a LIVE Broadcast from a “Haunted” hotel, the one I retreat to in order to finish writing deadlines.  I will be taking everyone on a tour of the hotel, and talking with radio host Joann Buchanan from CAVE Radio about Steampunk Scarlett and my other YA Series.

Here are the details of the LIVE Event:

Steampunk Scarlett STEAMY Contest

Same time as the Broadcast/Haunted Hotel Tour – October 28, 2011 at 7 pm pst!

Get a chance to win:


And more!

Join the new Official Steampunk Scarlett Facebook Page at:


Heaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings Book 2) is NOW Available!

The wait is over, the second book of Beautiful Beings, is now out and ready on!


Lux Collins now know what are the Beautiful Beings and the danger they pose to everyone. All her training and experience in the world cannot prepare her for what she cannot help:  falling in love with one. Her enemy, her forbidden love. Can she break the curse on him and save him from his fate or will their love be doomed forever?

Paperback version featuring new technology in YA fiction will be coming soon!

The RED WOLF (Wolf Fey #2: Frost Series) NOW AVAILABLE! Special Promotion – GET The Wolf Fey FREE when Purchase The RED WOLF!

The RED WOLF (WOLF FEY #2: FROST Series) is


EARLY RELEASE for the Amazon Kindle Version



The Red Wolf was a mere fable told to the fey children, a legend as old as Feyland itself.  With the finding of the lost Princess, the Princess whose destiny is to unite the Fey once again; the time for the rise of the Red Wolf has come.

Logan, the Prince of the Wolves in Feyland, is lured back into Feyland from Gregory, Oregon in hot pursuit of Breena, the girl he had always loved. She was kidnapped by the Winter Prince Kian, and taken into the world of the Fey. As he journeys into Feyland, he learns how his new role as Wolf Prince plays a significant role in shaping the future of Feyland.


To Celebrate the Release of The Red Wolf (The Wolf Fey #2:  FROST Series),, get a copy of The Wolf Fey (Book #1) when you purchase a copy of The Red Wolf (The Wolf Fey #2: FROST Series).

Promotion Period starts October 12, 2011 and ends November 12, 2011.

Send a copy of your receipt to promotions (at) theEDGEbooks (dot) com.


On Fire with KINDLE FIRE and the FIRE WARS Contest! The New YA Dystopian Fire Wars Now Available on Kindle!

Excited about the Kindle Fire? So are we, and to celebrate the Kindle Fire’s birthday along with the launch of the Fire Wars Series, a YA dystopian with a touch of mythology; I’m offering a contest:


by Kailin Gow Contest

Here’s how to enter:

1) Like the Facebook Page for the Fire Wars here:  +2

2) Answer the poll on The Fire Wars on the Facebook page. +2

3) If you purchased the Fire Wars on Amazon and send a receipt to theedgebooks (at) yahoo (dot) com, you’re already entered. +2

4) Tweet about the contest, post it on your blog! +2

5) Change your profile picture to The Fire Wars’ cover from the duration of the Contest – 10/6 to 11/15 midnight! +2

The contest is international. Contest winner will be announced 11/16!  Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for shipping of prize.  No purchase necessary to enter. Please send a postcard w/name, age, email, address and name of contest to:

Sparklesoup Inc., 14252 Culver Dr., A732, Irvine, CA 92604


Showing the ORANGE at the OC Children’s Books Festival – Debut of FIRE WARS, Midnight Frost, and Blood Bond!

The OC Children’s Books Festival was a blast!  It was great seeing everyone I’ve talked to on Facebook, Twitter, and other events.  Great meeting new fans, too!

The Fire Wars made its appearance in paperback (Limited signed editions) that day, and I read from the Prologue…about the Fire Test and the death of the girl who took the test before Mac.

It was a hot day so I went onto my next read – from the FROST SERIES – Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5), and read the scene about the Kingdom of the Dead.

I was impressed to see many of the crowd who came out to the Teen/YA Book Festival had read one or more of my books.  Someone told me to stay put during the signing because his nephew wanted him to go pick him up and drive him to the Festival to meet me.    I saw and met a group of young girls, and it was amazing for me to see young teen boys and college boys who were fans. It truly made my day to see everyone in person!!

Me discussing Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5) with readers who came out!

Teen/YA Stage Author Line Up

Reading from Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5)

Star Wars fans showed up!

Kami Garcia and I not only shared same initials KG, but we dressed in the same colors for the Festival.  Creme lace and tulle with black.

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore signing

Book Signings and talking to awesome readers!

Overall, it was a fun day spent meeting people, hearing great stories from some of the most imaginative authors and storytellers you can find, and getting a chance to help promote reading and literacy in the community!

THE FIRE WARS Now Available! RELEASE PARTY, READING, SIGNING at the OC Children’s Book Festival Today!

As an author on the YA Featured Stage for today’s Orange County Children’s Book Festival,  I will be reading from my newly-released books Midnight Frost (FROST #5)Blood Bond (PULSE #5),  and my debut new dystopian fantasy series, The Fire Wars!

Her destiny was written in the books…but can she change a course that has already began thousands of years ago?

Mackenzy Evers had moved with her mother from Angel Island to Aeros Island during her senior year. What can be worse than to finish her senior year at a new school?

Living during the post-Erosion period on Earth where there is less land than before, Mac is happy to discover an island of rich beauty and lush landscapes, not to mention mysterious handsome boys and an ancient prophecy that is set to come true in Mac’s lifetime. Chance Cutter claims she is his Queen, his goddess to his Fire King, whom he had been searching for years. Their attraction to each other is undeniable, yet why does he seem to hate her? And who is she really?




As all the creatures of Feyland are forced into a battle that will determine who rules Feyland, a bigger force emerges that threatens all. Love, loyalty, desires, duty, and friendships will be tested.  Choices will be made. Some will survive, while others will die.  Midnight Frost is the pivotal book in the popular Frost Series about the beautiful, but dangerous world of Feyland and its magical and powerful inhabitants.

Just Released!

As Kalina Calloway’s life’s blood guides her and Octavius, Jaegar, and Justin across the globe in search of possible carriers; they make some startling discoveries in the heart of Life’s Blood’s origins, as well as Kalina’s abilities. The time for her to choose a vampire has come.

Just Released!

The OC Children’s Books Festival

Besides actually being able to have 10 copies of SIGNED Limited Editions of THE FIRE WARS there 2 weeks before the paperback versions are available, and sold through Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore;  I will have some cool giveaways at my reading!  If that’s not something, I’m there with some really cool people, too – Molly Shannon (Author and Actress), Amber Benson (Author, Actress, and Director), Heather Brewer (YA Author), Kami Garcia (YA Author), Nancy Holder (YA Author) and more!  Check out who is going to be there on the Orange County Register.