Showing the ORANGE at the OC Children’s Books Festival – Debut of FIRE WARS, Midnight Frost, and Blood Bond!

The OC Children’s Books Festival was a blast!  It was great seeing everyone I’ve talked to on Facebook, Twitter, and other events.  Great meeting new fans, too!

The Fire Wars made its appearance in paperback (Limited signed editions) that day, and I read from the Prologue…about the Fire Test and the death of the girl who took the test before Mac.

It was a hot day so I went onto my next read – from the FROST SERIES – Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5), and read the scene about the Kingdom of the Dead.

I was impressed to see many of the crowd who came out to the Teen/YA Book Festival had read one or more of my books.  Someone told me to stay put during the signing because his nephew wanted him to go pick him up and drive him to the Festival to meet me.    I saw and met a group of young girls, and it was amazing for me to see young teen boys and college boys who were fans. It truly made my day to see everyone in person!!

Me discussing Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5) with readers who came out!

Teen/YA Stage Author Line Up

Reading from Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5)

Star Wars fans showed up!

Kami Garcia and I not only shared same initials KG, but we dressed in the same colors for the Festival.  Creme lace and tulle with black.

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore signing

Book Signings and talking to awesome readers!

Overall, it was a fun day spent meeting people, hearing great stories from some of the most imaginative authors and storytellers you can find, and getting a chance to help promote reading and literacy in the community!

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