Get STEAMY with Steampunk Scarlett! New YA Series Featuring New Technology. Release Party/Haunted Hotel Tour/Web Cast!

Introducing a new series in YA from Kailin Gow that combines mystery, romance, steampunk, and new technology within its pages:

The Steampunk Scarlett Series

People are buzzing about this series.  At a recent book publishing conference, the crowd went wild with the announcement of this series.  To kick off this series is book 1, releasing on Amazon Kindle tomorrow night, Thursday Oct. 27!

Following is a LIVE Broadcast from a “Haunted” hotel, the one I retreat to in order to finish writing deadlines.  I will be taking everyone on a tour of the hotel, and talking with radio host Joann Buchanan from CAVE Radio about Steampunk Scarlett and my other YA Series.

Here are the details of the LIVE Event:

Steampunk Scarlett STEAMY Contest

Same time as the Broadcast/Haunted Hotel Tour – October 28, 2011 at 7 pm pst!

Get a chance to win:


And more!

Join the new Official Steampunk Scarlett Facebook Page at:


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