If I WAS a Bookseller, Which of My Books Would I Recommend?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had more information available when we make a purchase?  This is especially true when it comes to buying a house or even a car.  If you’re like my husband, who researches everything before a big purchase, then wouldn’t it be great if information will be available right at the point-of-purchase, right at the tip of your fingertips?

Well, buying a book to read for pleasure is not quite the same as buying a house or buying a car.  Although believe it or not, many homebuyers and car buyers do less research on a home or a car than people who buy books.  I’ve been a real estate broker and have sold million dollar homes to people who would just have a sheet of paper, a photo of the house, and an one-time visit.  I’ve bought a house based on an one-time visit, and it turned out to be the house we loved most and lived in the longest in so far.

Now when it comes to buying a book, we rely on booksellers and the information they provide.  Many times, it’s just the blurb and some reviews.  And recommendations.

Who knows a book better than its author?  If authors were booksellers, how would they describe their book?

This is HOW I Would Recommend My Books:

1) The PULSE Series – Want sexy vampires and a girl with the special blood that can turned them human again?  PULSE is a series for age 16 and up that critics have been comparing to Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and any other vampire books to film or television show they have seen.  Because that’s the type of vampire world people are familiar with right now. The difference with PULSE is the vampires’ characters, the history between vampires and Life’s Blood Carriers like Kalina, and the romance.  PULSE now has 9 books out in the series and spin-off, and is read all over the world.  The film for PULSE begins development in 2012.

2) Bitter Frost, Frost Series – Want to enter and escape into a world of magic, fantasy, and romance?  Enter Feyland, the enchanted land of the fey where beautiful and dangerous fey and fey-like creatures live.  Feyland was first introduced to the world through the Fairy Rose Chronicles in 2003, when I began my fiction-writing career writing middle grade to teen books.  Fairy Rose Chronicles was written for age 9 and up, with the later books more for teens.  When Bitter Frost, the first of the Bitter Frost Series was introduced, with some of the characters from the Fairy Rose and a Feyland that takes place 5 years later from the Fairy Rose Chronicles, Feyland’s War of the Seasons is well underway, and has escalated to the taking of royal prisoners, which led to the Summer King’s banished daughter being brought back to Feyland after having grown up in the human world.  Bitter Frost is Breena Malloy’s story and how she navigated the dangerous political world of the Fey to become one of the most legendary leaders of Feyland.  The Frost Series has been contracted to become a multimillion dollar MMO Game. Release of the game is scheduled for 2013 or 2014.  Currently, there are over 14,000 fans and growing for the Frost Series as buzz about this under-the-radar book franchise is gaining more attention.

3) Desire – Escape into a perfect world where everyone’s life is planned out for them.  DESIRE is a dystopian fantasy romance that has a bit of paranormal. It melds genres and people are calling the DESIRE series “Original” and “Literary Genius”.  There is an incredible romantic triangle in DESIRE between Kama, her best friend and long-time boyfriend Liam, and a sexy stranger who knew more about Kama than she did named Torrid. There are already 3 books out in the DESIRE Series with another, Passion, set for release in 2012.

4) Fire Wars – Fire Wars is Greek and Roman Mythology in a Dystopian world.  The world takes place hundreds, perhaps thousands of years in the future when the land has eroded into islands.  Mackenzy Evers is a girl who has moved from place to place with her single mother, who has steadily climbed the career ladder as an Events Director at luxury hotels.  The latest place they move to is Aeros Island, which has more lush vegetation and natural beauty than anywhere else on Earth.  There Mac meets Chance Cutter, son of her mother’s boss, the wealthy Antonio Cutter of Cutter Imperial Hotels. He’s mysterious, sexy, and wants nothing to do with Mac, except for the intense attraction they feel whenever they cross paths.  Then there’s Varun Cutter, the down-to-earth cousin of Chance, who lives and works at the hotel, too.  Both of them have connections to Mac stronger than she can ever imagined, and as she finds out more about who she is, and what she is, she learns that her role in Earth’s future is critical.  The Fire Wars had its world premiere at the Orange Country Children’s Book Festival this year!

Here’s where you can watch the Trailer

And of course, I would recommend the following book series as well:  Beautiful Beings, FADE, Steampunk Scarlett, Stoker Sisters, Phantom Diaries, Harold the Kung Fu Kid, Queen B Superheroine, The Wordwick Games, and Wicked Woods.

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Frost Fire (Bitter Frost #6 of the Frost Series) Releases Wednesday!

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After the epic battle to end all wars in Feyland, led by Breena, Prince Kian, and the Wolf Prince Logan; a new threat emerges from the fading of the Twin Suns of Feyland that calls forth a new champion of the Fey.


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