Taste Of Tuesdays – Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To Celebrate Valentine’s Day, this Taste of Tuesdays teasers post will consist of some teasers from the lovely men from some of the more romantic series I have available.  Their words will keep your heart warm, but better yet, their stories and devotion to their women will make you fall head over heels in love with them.


“I’ll be here for you, always.” He kissed me again, hard and possessive, as though he feared I’d disappear from his life. “You’ll never want for anything, Kama. Whatever you wish for, I’ll make sure you have it. Whatever it takes to make you happy, I’ll do all I can to make it a reality. You’re my past, present, and future, Kama.” – Liam, DESIRE


“We are meant to be.” He pressed his lips to mine again; against myself, against my worry, I once again succumbed to the power of his kiss. “I know that now. Our love is stronger than magic, stronger than the laws of all Feyland. It will survive this…whatever the future brings.” – Prince Kian, Silver Frost (Frost Series #3)


“Maybe it’s better this way,” he said. “I can protect you like this, protect Justin, in a way I never could if I were human. I had my chance to experience what it was like to be human for the first time in seven hundred years, even if it was only for a few days. And yes, it’s true, I loved it. But not because I was human, Kalina. But because I was with you, because I could be with you without being afraid of my bloodlust. I want to be with you, human or not. I only want you.” – Jaegar, Blue Blood (PULSE #4)

From HEAVEN AND HELL (Beautiful Beings  #2)

“Moore, I…” The words caught in my throat.  I wasn’t ready to discuss my emotions… not yet.  There was still too much to find out, about him… about Brax.

He stroked my cheek with the back of his fingers.  “Why can’t you just say you love me?”

My tongue poked into my cheek, stubborn in its refusal to speak.

“Do you love me, Lux?” He persisted.

I nodded and was rewarded with a broad grin.

“Don’t gloat,” I warned.

“Never.”  He brushed his lips over mine and then winked. “Now let’s get you down from here before you hurt yourself.”- Moore, Heaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings #2)


Happy Dreams and may love live on forever!

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