It’s Here!!! – Beautiful Beings Official Series Trailer – Shadow Light (Beautiful Beings #3) Releases 2/20/2012 –

Shadow Light (Beautiful Beings #3) 

Releases 2/20 on Kindle! and then Paperback

Could this be the End for Brax, Moore, Asher, and Lux?

With Kailin Gow, anything can happen in Beautiful Beings #3…

The gates have been torn open and now it is a race against time for Lux and her friends to stop the “Beautiful Beings”. Complications arise with Lux’s new condition and her inability to detect these stronger “Beautiful Beings”, which pushes her into spending more time with her guardian and resident bad boy Asher against her independent spirit. Her best friend and ex-boyfriend Brax no longer remembers his actions, and Lux fears that the curse that claimed his parents would eventually claim him too. Then there’s Moore, who is her forbidden love, who is fighting his nature to help her fight his own kind. But as the gate is open, it’s becoming increasingly harder for him to choose to be loyal to Lux.

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