Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) And What to Expect In Book 2 of Saving You Saving Me!

Thank you everyone for helping Saving You Saving Me become a Top 20 Teen Bestseller

New developments with this book series:  I’ve been on 2 syndicated radio shows in the U.S. talking about the issues brought up in Saving You Saving Me such as bullying, self-image, abuse, and ways we can help as a society to help kids through young adult with these issues.  The radio shows will continue, and I’m happy to be able to get the message out about

30% of teens have admitted to either being bullied or being the bully.  Now bullying is starting at an even earlier age – age 5 in kindergarten.  It’s important to recognize it, as well as take responsibility as a society when we see it happening. (More on that later).

The Saving You Saving Me Project and promotional tours has taken a lot of my time, not to mention my busy writing schedule.  So I don’t have a lot of time to read.  If I have any time at all, I’d be writing more posts or twittering lol (which I don’t do as much as I should).

So, I’m pleased to announce that Finding You Finding Me will be released earlier than originally planned.  It will be released early Fall 2012 (instead of Spring 2013).

Here is the Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me:

What to Expect in Finding You Finding Me:

1.  Sam will continue to be a peer counselor at Sawyer House until she goes to college.

2. Sam is going to deal with some of the issues from her past and with her family.

3. Collins’ little brother Tate will show up, and this will cause a whole lot of tension and friction.

4. Derek gets closer to Sam.

So there you have it!  Finding You Finding Me is set to release in

September 2012!  Mark your Calendars!

8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) And What to Expect In Book 2 of Saving You Saving Me!

  1. Congratulations! Hope SYSM will make it all the way to #1.
    Aww, the cover is so adorable! I’m actually really excited to meet Tate. It sounded like he would really make an impact on Collins and Sam’s lives, so I’m interested in hearing his story 🙂 Consider my calendar marked, lol.

    • Thank you Candace! Finding You Finding Me is definitely going to be a deeper book than Saving You Saving Me. The ending to SYSM leaves a lot of possibilities. Thank you for marking your calendar!

  2. Love the cover 🙂 I cant wait for the next book !!!! I can see alot more happening for sure in book two !! and yes lots of possibiites !! I can never see what direction you take your books they are always UNPREDICTABLE ! 😉

  3. Ok…. you should release it now. Like this instant. I only read sysm Bc it was 99¢ on kindle fire and I needed a new book. At first I was like aw man its the pg version of fifty shades. But I got addicted and wasn’t all hot and bothered through the story and was actually waiting ti see what happened. Now I just finished it and am DYING for the next. Puhlease release it immediately. 🙂 love, your newest fan!

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