Radio Show Interviews Continue for Saving You Saving Me! Also, some true trivia about Saving You Saving Me.

Just went through a whirlwind of blog tours for Saving You Saving Me, along with some radio interviews.  I liked to thank most of the bloggers on the tour for being so professional and easy-to-work with!  It was a blast to feature Daggers interview, Sam’s interview, Text chats between Collins and Sam, my Dream Cast, and more!

This week, while I’m finishing up on my end of Summer books with the edits, and even halfway through the third book of the You & Me Trilogy, I’ll let you know that I’ll be on another top 15 radio talk show… News Talk  WGAU from Georgia. ( talking about Saving You Saving Me and Self-Esteem.

Seems like most everyone understands Saving You Saving Me is about Sam’s journey and the Call Center issues, too, rather than some interesting comparisons that I can only be flattered about, but I’ll hopefully get a chance to address some things, too.

TRUE TRIVIA about Saving you Saving Me

1) Saving You Saving Me, is very much base on a true story – A childhood friend suffered abuse, and from looking at her, you would only see a perfect beautiful and wealthy successful young woman.

2) Relationship contracts are very real, too.  Before I started a serious relationship, an attorney friend of mine told me to come up with one.  She did with her attorney husband before they became serious, and 1 provision from him was, to not cut her hair, but to keep it long. Although I didn’t come up with one, I know of people with high net worth who have formed relationship contracts or pledges with each other just to make the relationship clear before there are any misunderstandings and time investment.  Interesting huh?

3) The relationship of a wealthy young entrepreneur and an innocent student girl is very real.  My college roommate in her freshman year had this kind of relationship, and we went to church together, and although initially it appeared like there were a big difference between them on the surface, it didn’t matter. She fell for a guy living in a multimillion dollar beach house in the OC, and he eventually fell for her, too.  With a happy ending, I might add, which makes me smile to this day 😀

4) Collins McGregor – yes, there are gorgeous superwealthy hot men like him in real life, with some issues that keep them single.  How else are there so many unmarried gorgeous men around.  What keeps them from settling?  Lots of things that stems back to…issues from the past, etc.

But of course, there’s a lot more details in Saving You Saving Me because it’s fiction.

Anyways, hope you all have a great week ahead of you, and to all moms out there (including myself ha ha), enjoy yourself, pick up a good escape book, get a spa treatment, do something good for yourself!  You deserve it!


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