Blood Rights (PULSE #7) Correction on Release Date – June 18, 2012

Hi Everyone, There’s been a bit of confusion about the Release Dates for Blood Rights (PULSE #7). It had been posted as June 16 on my Official Website Kailin Gow Books, but the corrected date is June 18, 2012.

I know it’s been a long wait, but it is a worthwhile one. A lot happens in Blood Rights that will be shocking. Questions will be answered, someone from Octavius’ past will surface, and one of our beloved main characters will die.

Here’s the Description:

The search for the Life’s Blood Carriers have gotten desperate now that two of the Greystones have unwittingly been affected. Right at the start of their journey back to Rutherford, a crisis hits Kalina, Justin, and Max, which causes a rift between the Greystones. Kalina’s strange change is taking over, and now she finds herself in need for answers, fast, before she can commit herself to the one she truly loves.

And we’ll have a Release Party June 19! Stay Tuned for Details.





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