SUMMER SIZZLES with Passion (DESIRE #3) and Blood Rights (PULSE #7) Releases and Party w/PRIZES! 6 pm PST 6/19!

Passion (DESIRE #3) and Blood Rights (PULSE #7) Release Party will be at 6 pm PST Tuesday on Twitter.  #PassionPULSEparty

Passion (DESIRE #3) is Finally Here! 

In this YA dystopian fantasy, Kama Johnson lives on Earth 3000 years from today, in a seemingly perfect society known as Arcadia.  Now that the perfection has been SHATTERED, a new battle arises, which calls for Kama to come into her full power.  As the battle rages in Arcadia, Kama barely escapes the horrors at the Coliseum, with the realization of the full power of her heritage.  Her victory at the Coliseum is short-lived as her army realize it’s just one stop in the  battle against the Rogues.  While she was at the Coliseum, Prince Torrid falls into the hands of the enemy, and she must work with her longtime friend and love Liam to infiltrate into the Rogue’s biggest stronghold.  Her time to stand up and become the heroine is now, but can she use her passion, along with the passion of her people to help win this new battle – the biggest battle in Arcadia to date?

Passion is NOW Available on in Kindle version and Paperback!  

BONUS in Passion:  Get a FREE Excerpt of Circus Summer (Circus of Curiosities #1), a new YA Dystopian Fantasy


The search for the Life’s Blood Carriers have gotten desperate now that two of the Greystones have unwittingly been affected.  Right at the start of their journey back to Rutherford, a crisis hits Kalina, Justin, and Max, which causes a rift between the Greystones.  Kalina’s strange change is taking over, and now she finds herself in need for answers, fast, before she can commit herself to the one she truly loves.

BLOOD RIGHTS (PULSE #7) will be Available on in Kindle version and Paperback ON JUNE 18, 2012!

PULSE has been optioned to become a film, with details to be made available on IMDB only when development begins.  Development is set to begin 2013!

SUMMER SIZZLES with Passion and Blood Rights Releases and Party will be on Twitter Tuesday at 6 pm PST.  Please use #PassionPULSEparty to join in to hear announcements, join the fun, and win prizes such as:

Gifted Copies through Kindle of DESIRE and PULSE!  So bring your friends who haven’t read DESIRE or PULSE yet!

2 Grand Prizes of:

Gifted Copies of DESIRE, Summer Wishes (DESIRE #1.5), Shattered (DESIRE #2), and Passion (DESIRE #3) through Kindle!

Gifted Copies of PULSE, Life’s Blood (PULSE #2), Blood Burned (PULSE #3), Blue Blood (PULSE #4), Blood Bond (PULSE #5), Blood Legacy (PULSE #6), and Blood Rights (PULSE #7)  when it releases on 6/18/2012 through Kindle


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