Cover Reveal and What to Expect in ENCHANTED FROST

I’m excited to reveal the cover of Enchanted Frost (Frost Series #8)!  AND some upcoming hints at what this one will have…

Enchanted Frost

What to Expect?

  • Will there be a wedding?
  • Logan and Breena finds out more about the bond they discovered they had in Spring Frost.
  • Kian goes on a challenging journey, which he may or may not return.
  • Breena finds out more about herself and the sisterhood.
  • And a new story arc.

Releasing in November 2012


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6 Responses to Cover Reveal and What to Expect in ENCHANTED FROST

  1. Ooh, so awesome!! The cover does the title justice :)

  2. #1 Love the cover. #2 Kian, What?!? #3 Logan and Breena , no way #4 Can’t wait to read this one. Frost Series is my favorite since it is the first I read by Kailin Gow. It introduced me to the wonderful world of Kailin.

  3. I cannot wait for this release, I think in honor of the release, I will do myself the great pleasure of re reading the whole series and novella and Fairy Rose Series before the drop date so it’s all fresh in my mind. Let me just say, I am a voracious reader and I have read A Lot of YA/Paranormal books, hundreds of them and the reason I love these books is the picture that Kailin Gow paints in my minds eye of all the diffrent places and fae in this series. I have fallen in love at some point with all of these fae. First logan, then when I read Kian’s letters, he had me and I have even fell for Delano, because when we got a glimpse of his life and his world, it changed my whole oppinion of him. Ms Gow, no ones writting has ever done that to me. Thank you for writting these books for us all to enjoy, you never dissapoint.

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