Join Us for a Twitter Book Release Party at 6 pm PST for FIRE DANCE (Fire Wars #3) & Get a Chance to WIN a KINDLE!

We’re so excited about the release of FIRE DANCE (Fire Wars #3), we’re holding a Twitter Party the day of the release at 6 pm Monday, September 10 pst and also a chance to win a KINDLE!

Join us at #FireDanceBookParty on Twitter!

Team Chance vs. Team Varun War games

Trivia, Win a copy of  Kailin’s Dystopian Books and Yes, a Kindle!

The threat to Aeros Island and Earth has come earlier than believed. Mackenzie was forced to join the Water Gods, crushing whatever hope the Fire Gods had in stopping the Erosion from claiming the remainder of Earth. As she discovers another side to her, as her powers emerge, she finds herself challenged beyond anything else to make the most difficult decision in her life, a decision that could change the fate of everyone.


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