How the Amazon Kindle Fire HD has Brought My Dream of Providing An Awesome and Fun Reading Experience to Life!

Hi Everyone,

For the past 10 years since I’ve been writing books, I’ve been going non-stop, writing books and creating series I haven’t published until digital book technology improved to the point it was a seamlessly enjoyable experience for the author, the publisher, and readers.  Although I published some books throughout my 10 years as print books, the logistics of it have been painstakingly time-consuming, and having ebooks was and is, the way to go for someone like me, who had been in digital marketing before in the corporate world. I understood the digital world, and I knew digital books will be the wave of the future just like music and film.  I saw the writing on the wall back in 2001 when my books were first published, but didn’t have the distribution channel, the devices that would make digital book reading as good as or better than a physical book.

So many of the books I had written was backlogged, waiting to be published. But with over 80 books at the time, it would be tremendously costly to print and publish. So, they sat.

Until the Kindle came along in 2010, and I was able to immediately place a bunch of my books out on Kindle, with my publishing partners,

Today I got a chance to experience the new Kindle Fire HD, and it is amazing to see how beautiful everything is on that screen.  The colors, the clarity, and the non-glare.  Plus, my books looked great with the fonts, the formatting, and the way the covers are presented.

If you wanted more information about me as an author or what other books I’ve written, just go to X-ray or other information.  If you have a favorite character you want to keep following throughout the book, you can find out where he or she shows up through X-ray, too.  All this is coming up, along with some amazing features.

If you purchased an audio book of the Steampunk Scarlett series or the Alchemists Academy or the Wolf Fey and more titles coming soon, you can sync the audio book up with the ebook right where you left off.

I’m so excited that finally, there’s someone out there who can provide this amazing reading experience for readers and authors alike.



As an author and publisher, I am excited about the possibilities of more innovative features that would take the reading experience to a new high.  Although there are more features I would love to see happen (I’m a futurist what can I say?), this is a pretty darn good start.

image of Kindle Fire from


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