Taking the Time to Breathe and Other Announcements

Hi Everyone,
It’s been a while since i’ve posted something personal on my blog (not that having a book birthday isn’t personal), but I wanted this to come straight from me.

I haven’t had the time to do so many things which I should be doing.  Including breathing and sleeping.

I kid you not, breathing.  Breathing as in deep breaths of relaxation, zen, yoga, reflection and meditation.

Sleeping. Well…you know what that is.  Hopefully.  If not, you’re a walking zombie, *cough* insomniac –  like I am.

So I’ve had health issues come up, which I’ve been taking care of for a while.  Yesterday, I found out after months of dedicated life changes – sleeping more, exercising, eating right, relaxing, taking vacations;  I have reversed what I had.  Some say this is a miracle.   People have never heard it can be done.  Well… I’m happy to say, yesterday I analyzed my results with my doctor and nutritionist, and it appears I’m “Normal”.

What do I have?  Here’s a BIG HINT – Aunt Sookie in my book Loving Summer is based on what I have.  With complications that could kill someone instantly, if not watched.

It takes dedication and hard work to reverse this condition, to change the way you look at things, the way you live, to fight it, just like anything else like quitting smoking, quitting drinking, sticking to a schedule to finish writing a book.  But if I can do it, so can you.

So here comes my next announcement:

Balance is the key.  I’m usually good about balancing, but now I know I have to shift a bit to make room for some other awesomeness and experiences to come into my life.  So, I’m going to be slowing down a bit on my release schedules for my books.

The series I have will continue until the end of each, but they have to be staggered out a bit further.   Releasing 3 to 4 books in a month is downright crazy insane busy!!!!  Most authors release that in 2 years…so I realize I could take it slower, relax more, do more yoga.

So I’m cannibalizing myself, plus I didn’t even have the time to send out the ARCs for my last release, Fire Dance until it was released.  Let alone email everyone that it’s out or market it.  So, folks, I’ll spend more time marketing and promoting.

Oh, BTW, Fire Dance is out, and because I haven’t announce it was, it’s out, and I’m now having a Man-Sorry-I-Didn’t-Tell-You-It’s-Out Special at 99 cents for this week and next!

Along with Bitter Frost being 99 cents this week and next! 

Never Land (Never Knights #2)

is on schedule to release this coming Monday, September 24, 2012!  The music video will be released some time after.  Casting has moved to get a well-known actor or singer for the lead so this will take some time to have done, but it’s coming!  (Someone from Twilight or Glee may come  on board or a popular singer or a popular comedian.  Not telling until it gets close. *grins) But it is definitely a music video to watch. Can’t wait until you see it!

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