This Year is a Year Full of THANKS!

Hi Everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving from me and my team at

It has been an amazing year of living life to the fullest.


I’ve experienced  being diagnosed with a serious condition and having to spend time to overcome it, if it can be done.  This condition is what Aunt Sookie in my fiction novel, Loving Summer, have so that book is based on some reality.  And Now it is being offered for this week and next at only 99 cents!

It took months to reverse what I have, but through will power, the grace of God, and the support of friends and family; what can be a negative experience was turned into something inspiring.   I am truly grateful for this, and thank God, and everyone who has been praying for me and supporting me for this.

Because of this miracle, I am able to be with my friends and family today.  I am also able to continue writing and producing the book series many of you have come to love and demand from me!

I am truly grateful for your love and support, and can’t tell you how much it means to have you tell me how much you love the books and the characters or how these books have touched your life.  No amount of words or gifts or objects can express what it means for an author like myself to hear that my efforts and sacrifices as an author has actually mean something.

With the deepest sincerely,



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