Change in Release Dates ANNOUNCEMENTS and UPCOMING PLANS – Falling for Summer (Loving Summer: Donovan Brothers) – To Be Released December 15, 2012

Hi Everyone,

In the airlines industry, sometimes a flight gets delayed or a flight gets canceled due to special circumstances.  Well, in the ever changing book world, especially in indie publishing, that can apply, too.

As you know, and the fans/readers who have been following me on Facebook know where I do post things that are personal, I’d had a few family emergencies (father in hospital), and even a personal illness that came about afterwards, and then my editor’s family issues, that pushed writing to the back for a while.  I set out some deadlines earlier for Falling for Summer and for Finding You Finding Me that are tentative, and it looks like if all goes well, the delay for these two books will only be a few weeks.

Another reason for the delay for Falling for Summer is that I am going to provide 2 versions of Falling for Summer, or rather, an excerpt. Falling for Summer because of its POV from the Donovan Brothers can be pretty steamy to the point of being adult, but in keeping with the series being YA-Mature and New Adult, parts of Falling for Summer is being rewritten.

Hope this gives some of you more choices, as I know I have a mixed audience reading my books, and the Loving Summer Series is for age 16 and up.

Falling for Summer will be for age 17 and up and classified as YA-Mature/New Adult still.


Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) has been moved to December 26, 2012 as well.


Due to the same circumstances.  Fortunately, what will release and has already released are the following, and I’m blessed these even got a chance to get released on time!!!

Just Released!  Hope you’ll be able to get a copy of this final book in the Bitter Frost Series!    This conclusion says so much about love and the ups and downs of it in real life. Although Bitter Frost is like a fairy tale, this series deals with real issues told in a way that will hopefully resonate with people going through some of the issues Breena, Kian, Logan, and Rose are going through.

DISCUSSION SHEETS and LEADERSHIP GROUPS and Group/Bookclub Materials for this Series will be available soon!  We are also looking for Women and Teachers who would like to start their own self-esteem/leadership group locally for teens and women, using the Frost Series books.


FEVER (FADE #4) is the Final Book in the FADE Series – my dystopian thriller series set in the future.  I’m really excited about this conclusion, and think it says a lot about hope for humanity and faith in love.  Releases DECEMBER 3rd!





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