On 1/11 for a Limited Time – The Shy Girls Social Club Handbook Dealing with Bullies is FREE (Kindle) – as guide to bullying issues in FALLING FOR SUMMER, and FINDING YOU FINDING ME (1/18/2013 – Release)!

Starting from 1/11 to Tuesday 1/15, As Part of My New Year’s Resolution to Help Schools and the Community with Anti-bullying, I’m Offering the Handbook on Bullying and how to work together to curb it for FREE through Amazon’s Kindle Program.

As the author of  two very strong anti-bullying fiction books, FALLING FOR SUMMER (LOVING SUMMER #2/DONOVAN BROTHERS #1) and SAVING YOU SAVING ME (YOU &  ME TRILOGY #1),  with new releases currently out and soon-to-be released, I’ve been interviewed several times on National Radio about bullying and what to do about it as a community.  I keep referencing this book, Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies – my reference guide.  I’m sincere about helping the community about this, and have even set up a real online help website called The Saving You Saving Me Project.


So, it’s being offered for FREE tomorrow, and please, if you know any student, child, parent, friend, teacher, pastor, police officer, relative, who can benefit from this, or you can later lend out the book to, download the book.

Hope your New Year’s going great!  And as a Reminder, Loving Summer and Saving You Saving Me is only 99 cents for a limited time, while:

Falling for Summer is Now Available!



Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy #2) will be releasing on 1/18/2013 – UNCUT AND UNCENSORED – New Adult for age 18+ due to Sexual Situation, Language, Social Issues (essential to the storyline of this book).

Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy #2) by Kailin Gow

Stay tune for this book’s release day to get it at the special Release Day price by joining the community at theEDGEbooks.com, where members get email reminders of upcoming New Releases!


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