Indie Authors and Publishers – Need Your Help! Become a Contributor to Indie Directory and Advice Book

I’ve been compiling a directory and advice book  that will be changing and being updated every year about indie-friendly vendors that we use for those who want to go their own way, be an independently-published author, rather than traditional.

Having been in writing and publishing for many years, I’ve made it a point to at least try out any and all vendors (book blog tours, blast services, advertisers, pr or promotions companies, brand marketing companies, contest sites, review sites like Kirkus for indies, book trailers producers, website developers, workshops, and more) who cater to indies and in some cases, traditional publishers.  I’m still trying out new vendors every season to see what works for me and what doesn’t since it’s a constantly changing publishing environment. And like some of you,  I’ve innocently tried and used services, only to be find them ineffective or worse, targeted by indie-haters for using these services, which I had not known anything bad about.

There are so many companies out there that claim they can help you become a bestselling author or something like that and will charge you thousands of dollars to get you there.

Luckily for me, before these companies became more prominent, I was already established as a top-selling author in my niches on Amazon before trying these companies so in a way, but I wanted to try them out as an obligation to stay on top of the publishing environment.

And especially in the indie atmosphere, there are vendors out there that you should be aware of, as well as those, who by using them innocently as a client can cause you to be bashed by indie-hating bloggers or trolls because they find the way indie vendors market books, to be distasteful.  But as an indie author or publisher, we don’t really know until we tried their services, right?

Need Your Suggestions and Recommendations for Indie-Friendly Vendors and Service Providers

Just because some vendors and services didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it didn’t work for you. And there are so many other services that I haven’t heard of or tried.

So, if you would like to help your fellow indies out and provide the vendors you found exceptional some recognition, please send me:

at kailingowbooks (at) aol (dot) com:

1) Your recommended vendors – their contacts or links

2) Why you recommend them – did they provide results for you in any way, etc.

3) Beware list of vendors and brief comment on why

You will get credit in the acknowledgement of this directory, a chance to put a brief bio in,  and a sense of helping the indie publishing world and authors out!






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