Twists and Reveals Revealed in SECRETS of the FALL (Donovan Brothers #2: Loving Summer #3) NOW AVAILABLE!

SECRETS of the FALL (Loving Summer Novel:  Donovan Brothers #2) is NOW LIVE on Amazon!

Secrets of the Fall is an Adult Contemporary/ New Adult Novel suitable for age 18 and up.

The Donovan Brothers… two gorgeous brothers in love with the same girl. How far would they fall to have her? One of them will claim her, but the other will find her. Only one can win her forever, unless their family secrets destroy everything.

Following PERFECT SUMMER, Summer made her choice, but it wasn’t the choice fate had in mind.  Now her entire world has fallen, and she only has the other Donovan Brother to help her pick up the pieces.  Will life ever be the same?

Nat’s fate took a strange and dangerous turn as he is led into a plot that involves his family, his father’s billion dollars enterprise, Donovan Dynamics, and the security of many. As what happened is revealed, and why he made his choice, can Nat ever again face Summer again? Could he ever see her again?

Drew has always been Nat’s little brother and the brother who was forgotten in the family.  The playboy bad boy who had a football scholarship to USC, and all the girls he could want.  But not the girl he love. Now it’s time for him to step up.  Now’s it’s time for him to reveal a few secrets of his own…ones he knows could drive the only girl he’s ever love, far away from him.

 Now Available on Amazon in Kindle!  Releasing in Paperback next week!